What's in the bootcamp?

Our 7-Day Healthy Eating Bootcamp is an email crash course to help you get the most out of your Meal Garden experience. In this bootcamp, you will learn how to:

  • Get inspired - build your Cookbook with healthy recipes that suit you and learn how to "healthify" them.
  • Set and meet your goals - configure your profile to get your recommended daily targets and scale your portions accordingly.
  • Stay on track - set up custom alerts and reminders so you never forget when to schedule or grocery shop.

We walk you through how to become a meal planning guru with step-by-step instructions. By the end of this bootcamp, meal planning will come naturally and you will be one step closer to a healthier, happier life.

Don't Take Our Word For It.

Here's what past bootcamp participants have to say...

"The bootcamp was such a great introduction to using the Meal Garden tool, I wouldn't have discovered it all on my own that quickly! Healthy eating in the real world is certainly easier with a meal planning tool like Meal Garden."

- Kristine Peacock, Culinary Nutrition Expert

"Meal Garden is the ultimate tool to get your family meals efficiently and effectively planned. With an engaging Meal Garden bootcamp, you'll be an expert in meal planning in no time."

- Izabela S

"If you only do one great thing for your family (and yourself) this year, it's the Meal Garden Bootcamp"

- Allie L

"Meal Garden is so incredibly simple to use with hidden gems of functionality that you wouldn’t know existed at first glance!  The email bootcamp is free and was so worth it as it helped me learn how to use the tool better than I originally would have. Did I mention their customer service?  You’ve never seen anything like it.  I feel like I’m chatting with a friend when I email a question or concern and they respond so quickly!" 

- Kimberly T

"Meal Garden is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. I love the ability to find recipes based on a certain eating preference (i.e. vegan, paleo, etc.) as well as ability to filter by certain ingredients you don't want included in recipes for those who may have allergies. The shopping lists are a time saver and the in-depth nutritional analysis included with each recipe is exactly what I have been looking for. I also like how you can share recipes among friends to expand your cookbook."

- Kristen J, Health Coach

"Since using Meal Garden, however, I can easily plan ahead as far as I want, shift and juggle meals if we either eat up everything or if there are leftovers unplanned for. As I learn how the whole thing works, adding in my own recipes, using the tools, it just gets better and better. Four o’clock comes around and I'm happily confident that I know what we're having for supper!"

- Liz Y

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