What started it all…


The siren call…

In 2012, in the midst of our office lunch room I heard those very words from a distraught mother.  

On top of raising two young children, she was commuting and working long hours. The idea that she was overwhelmed and disappointed in herself for not having the time to prepare healthy meals for her family really struck me.

After searching the internet for solutions, I only found a few tools, all of which had various limitations and none of which were focused on healthy, wholesome meals. 

A New Approach

We’ve learned a lot over the years and are proud to say Meal Garden has had a positive impact on hundreds of lives around the world. 

One of our greatest lessons we have learned was that helping health practitioners was a more effective way of achieving our goal to inject a shot of health into peoples lives. From hundreds of conversations with practitioners, we discovered they all face three similar challenges: 

  1. It’s time consuming to find, personalize and share meal plans and recipes with clients

  2.  For most clients, compliance is tough; even the most committed struggle from time-to-time to achieve and maintain the transformations they desire 

  3. Balancing building and running a practice can be overwhelming. Most of the practitioners we speak with wish they had more training in business development (administration, sales, marketing, etc.)  

Once we understood the challenges, we began to focus on cooperating with practitioners to build a platform that would address these challenges.


Meal Garden is developed with an agile approach, focused on solving the problems practitioners face day-to-day. Today, it’s one of the go-to nutrition tools for hundreds of dedicated health practitioners in a variety of industries.

Goals and Commitments

Our goal is to provide practitioners the most versatile and capable platform to their clients on the journey to a healthier, happier life. 

We are committed to helping practitioners succeed by maintaining a growth mindset, being curious and developing solutions that are flexible and intuitive.

Thank you for the opportunity to help you make the world healthier.

Vlad Chernenko, Founder