Adding Recipes To Your Cookbook

Like a recipe? Show it some LOVE and add it to your Cookbook:

Click the heart and the recipe will automatically be added to your cookbook.

Click the heart and the recipe will automatically be added to your cookbook.

External Recipes (not already in Meal Garden):

Want to add your own recipes to Meal Garden? There are two ways to populate your cookbook with your own recipes; you can email your recipes in and let Meal Garden do all the work. Alternatively, you can manually type in your recipes and watch our Health Meter change in real time as you enter your ingredients (don't be afraid to make healthy substitutions!).

Emailing Your Recipes (The Simplest Way!)

1) Find a recipe you like - whether it's a link from another website, or a picture you snapped from one of your existing recipe books.

2) Email them to

Note: When you're emailing links/images to recipes, you can indicate the day of the week and meal you want to plan it for in your subject line. For example, if you send a recipe and make your subject line "Monday night dinner with leftovers for Tuesday lunch", your recipes will be added to your schedule for the corresponding days.

3) We'll take care of the rest! 

Typing in Your Recipes

1) Sign into Meal Garden, and navigate to your cookbook.


2) On your Cookbook screen, click "Create".


3) Give your recipe a title.


4) Start typing in your ingredients and choose from the list of suggested ingredients.


5) Input your Amount, Measure and any additional Notes you might have for your recipe.


6) Continue this process for the rest of your ingredients.


FUN FACT: As you enter ingredients, you will see the Health Rating and nutritional information update in real time.

7) Type in your preparation instructions.


8) Input the number of servings, preparation time and cook time.


9) Indicate the type of dish; kid-friendliness and public visibility.

10) Upload an image of your recipe

11) Indicate where you got your recipe from.

Isn't that simple? Want to get started with adding your own recipes?


Still have questions? You can return to the FAQ page here.