If you're looking for delicious, diabetes-friendly menu plans - approved by trusted professionals - you're in the right place.

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Eat Well With Diabetes

A VITAL RESOURCE FOR managing YOUR blood sugars WHILE EATING GREAT; Try it free for 1 month*

*$45/year if you choose to continue

  • When you are living with diabetes it becomes increasingly important - and a bit more challenging - to plan the right healthy meals.
  • Enter Alka Chopra - a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator, to help you with every step!
  • Her recipes, meal plans and guides are your answer to putting aside your question marks on "what can I eat today" - without getting bored.
  • Alka has helped hundreds of people achieve their health and nutrition goals by teaching them simple strategies to prepare daily meals and improve their nutritional wellbeing.
  • Weekly video tutorials included.
  • Everything is hosted in an easy-to-use app designed for any device:
    • Explore recipes, 
    • Plan meals and leftovers for yourself, guests, or other members of your household, 
    • Get reminded & notified to stay on track, and
    • Shop using automatically generated grocery lists. 
  • Best of all - you get guidance from a health algorithm for scientific dietary tracking and advanced nutritional analysis.