Meet Kristine...

Inspiring Healthy Living
with Meals that Matter
…because every bite counts!

Kristine Peacock is a Culinary Nutrition Expert, teacher and mother of 3, on a mission to promote healthy living with simple, scratch cooking, using whole foods that foster optimal nutrition for the entire family! 

She started her journey with Meal Garden back in 2016 - way before the launch of the Professional software, and is still one of the main sources of development inspiration for our tool...


One-on-one to group coaching

"As a Culinary Nutrition Expert, the Meal Garden platform is an invaluable tool for my business - from publishing and uploading my own recipes, curating collections and designing meal plans, the versatility of Meal Garden allows me to share with my followers and audience, work with 1:1 clients and develop group programs." 

Time-saving features

"Most notably, my favourite features include calculating macros and calories, limiting ingredients for dietary considerations and allergies, access to the library bank of collections and meal plans and generating grocery lists has saved me valuable time in my business, allowing me to work more efficiently for my clients!" 

white-glove assistance

"Partnering with Meal Garden is professional and collaborative. Their Professional support is second to none! From constantly updating and improving the software, listening to and responding to my feedback and trouble-shooting technical glitches (on my end!), the folks at Meal Garden have helped me serve my clients and build a culinary, go-to database of recipes, articles and meal plans!"