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I'm living a more holistic lifestyle.

"This was my starting point to launch into a new way of thinking about food. It's activated a creative outlet for me that I didn't even know existed."

- Sarah F.


I'm a new mom.

"My favourite is your menu plans are geared to adjust meal serving size, which was always stressful for me."

- Gail

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I'm an athlete. 

"Nate's top picks have quickly become my go-to choices for my weekly plan - I'm loving the results!"

- Dan


I've just been diagnosed with Diabetes.

"The channel is helpful and insightful. I only wish that something like this package had been available when I was first diagnosed over 10 years ago."

- Barb


I'm a soon-to-be mama.

"My biggest reason for using the tool is how easy it makes my weekly meal planning. It even makes my grocery list as I go."

- Lauren

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I live an active lifestyle. 

"This tool is helping me to stay motivated and, if necessary, alter the recipes to ensure that my body is meeting the daily nutritional requirements."

- Michael

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I work in the service industry.

"The articles have taught me so much and now I'm much better about eating on-the-go or finding the right foods for when late night hunger gets the better of me."

- Susan


I'm 50+ and looking to eat healthier.

"There’s no more wondering what to have for dinner and no more forgetting “one thing” every time we go shopping."

- Janice B

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I have kids with special dietary needs. 

"I could always just Google recipes, but having this specially curated database of meals that are right for my daughter and myself is second-to-none."

- Kim

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I'm following a whole-foods diet.

"This hub has a simple and elegant approach to nutrition that has helped me shift away from unhealthy habits to a more mindful way of eating."

- Amelia


I'm responsible for feeding a large family.

"Meal Garden has been an enormous help to me in planning menus and getting off the 4pm-OMG-What's-For-Supper train."

- Liz


I'm a young professional.



"Amazing, affordable, healthy and RAD customer service! I love meal garden!"

- Heather

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