Introducing New Foods

Learn how to introduce new foods to your kids by Orlena Kerek - paediatric doctor, mother of 4 and author of 2 books “Crunch! Put a stop to picky eating and help your kids love veggies” and “Feeding Toddlers. A Pediatrician’s guide to happy and healthy mealtimes”.


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Dr. Orlena Kerek

Founder at Snotty Noses

"Before becoming a mother I expected parenting to be easy, I’d have a great relationship with my kids, no stress and above all I’d teach them healthy habits, especially healthy eating habits. Surely that would be easy for a pediatric doctor?

Then I had kids.

Little bundles of noise and chaos with minds of their own. I suddenly realised that healthy eating wasn’t as easy as just giving them vegetables and watching them eat. They ate the cookies and left the broccoli. When I encouraged them to eat vegetables they’d either scream or throw them at me.

I developed healthy feeding habits based on current research. I learnt to be patient and persistent and was amazed by the results. My children still crave candy and cake like normal kids but I am no longer worried. I am confident that they eat a healthy and balanced diet (including green things) and are learning healthy habits that will follow them into adulthood.

I will share my methods with you, my easy and fun ways to teach your kids healthy eating and living." 

ConstantinA Gravalos 

Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP) and one of Meal Garden's in-house Nutritionists

"I am a passionate advocate for all things holistic health. I believe there is a strong urgency in educating people on the importance of nourishing their bodies, with the purest of foods and lifestyle practices to reach optimal health. I also love working with people - I look forward to meeting you on the Meal Garden platform!" 

Kiki from meal garden

Founder at Mindfully Edible

"With a passion and genuine excitement around health & wellness, I'm honoured to lead Community Success at Meal Garden.

With business training (Rotman Commrce, Venture for Canada) + a splash of scientifcstudy (Naturopathic Approach to Women's Health + David Wolfe's Nutrition Certification) + countless hours of self-led education spanning various media forms, I'm ready to unravel my healthy living journey with you - the good, the bad, and the fermented.

From superfoods and superherbs, to when to eat and when not to eat, to soaking, sprouting, dehydrating, powdering, tincturing, and everything in between --> I share it all on my Mindfully Edible blog and love learning from Meal Garden Experts as well as users!"