The Recipe and Meal Planning Platform built for your lifestyle.

Meal Garden is a healthy eating platform built for the modern world; your world.

This is my third try at a meal planning tool and this one is a winner!!!! For all those special diet requirements - gluten-free/ dairy-free, etc - or you are entertaining, cooking for 1, have picky eaters - their recipe collections are great. Looove!!! Easy to use, detailed nutrition information, and great customer service makes this a keeper.
— Christina Najjar

Your life with Meal Garden


Another busy week. It will only get worse if you are scrambling to eat and you know it. Breakfasts are easy and the kids are at school during the day, but you need dinner ideas, and nobody likes fish.

So, you open up Meal Garden and search for ‘Family friendly dinners that don’t have fish’. You’re quickly presented with a variety of options and filter them by simplicity (the easier the better). You choose two meals since you’ll have leftovers and Friday is take-out night.

In seconds, you’ve added them to your calendar and you’ve got a grocery list that you can share with your partner.

It’s that easy.

“Anyone in any life stage can benefit from Meal Garden. It’s not about using it every day, it’s about having it when you need it.”

Other benefits

In addition to simple meal planning, Meal Garden offers many other benefits, including:

  • A health algorithm for every recipe that makes it easy to see how healthy a recipe is based on industry standard ratings (USDA, Canada’s Food Guide, etc.)

  • Searchable tags for recipes and meal plans based on common conditions (think gluten-free, paleo, keto)

  • Recipe management so that you can create, import and share recipes from around the web

  • Flexible grocery lists so you can add additional items or remove things you already have at home

  • All recipes are verified by health practitioners for accuracy and ease-of-use

I just started using Meal Garden and it’s fantastic. I’ve been able to search for various meal plans or dietary needs, customize the meal based on number of folks eating it...find interesting and new dishes...schedule...change the schedule...print my grocery list and print a meal plan for the family to see just what yummies are in store for the week. Easy learning curves - very user friendly!
— Dr. Liz Jenkins

Consistency is the great myth about Meal Planning. It’s not about that. It’s about having something there when you need it; to minimize your dependency on unhealthy alternatives when you’re pinched for time.

Meal Garden is a platform built for today’s realities.

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