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  • Use our vast library of our nutritional resources to serve the unique needs of your individual clients.

  • Build and sell programs for online group coaching.

  • Enhance your offering with the most powerful personal and family meal management software.

  • Provide your clients with meal planning support tools and track their progress all in one system.

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Nicole Dinardo of   NICOLE NUTRITION

Nicole Dinardo of NICOLE NUTRITION

"My favourite thing about Meal Garden is the ability to create custom meal plans based on specific nutrients and vitamins."

- Nicole Di Nardo, Certified Nutritional Practitioner

“My clients love how flexible the Meal Garden system is. They can create highly customizable meal plans in minutes and they really enjoy having access to my curated collection of recipes.”

- Natalia Stasenko, Dietitian

“I like being able to make recipe collections based on the dietary health needs of my clients.”

- Paula Yolles, Owner FoodTastic Health

“I love the fact that I can have an easy and fast way to find the proportion of protein, fat and carbs for each meal.”

- Arantxa Mateo, Biologist and Founder of 32 Mondays Weight Loss Management Program

“What I like best about Meal Garden is the quantity and variety of healthy, whole food recipes that allow me to put  together meal plans that are both enticing and healthy.”

- Pamela Frank, Naturopathic Doctor

“I like how it can be personalized based on lifestyle, food preferences, specific nutrition needs as well as cooking interest and abilities.”

- Andrea Miller, Registered Dietician