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Provide each of your unique clients with exactly what they’re looking for. Manage more clients - more efficiently.

Meal Garden helps you do that through a comprehensive diet management platform. Design tailored and professional-looking meal plans (with grocery lists) instantly, find specific recipes with powerful advanced search, create and curate customized content for clients easily.*

*No advanced tech skills or calculations required, we promise.


Your wellness business, better.

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Empower yourself by optimizing your nutritional expertise to serve your business goals. 

Empower your clients with the resources and tools they need to implement your recommendations and achieve success.

"My favourite thing about Meal Garden is the ability to create custom meal plans based on specific nutrients and vitamins. As a nutritionist it’s important to address nutrient deficiencies within the diet whenever possible vs. supplementation. This not only saves my client money, but also allows them to get the most out of their meals by ensuring they are treating nutrient deficiencies and eating delicious meals."

- Nicole Di Nardo, ‎Certified Nutritional Practitioner 


Provide clients with exactly what they need.

With Meal Garden, you can give each of your unique clients the specific resources and tools they're looking for. We make it easy to share tailor-made content, or you can pick from our ready-made templates and a database of pre-made materials that you can customize as much as you like. 


Meal Plans made easy

Let our automatic health algorithm be your guide. Set specific nutritional goals and targets, and easily choose recipes that suit your client's needs. Optional guidance to minimize the grocery list and optimize already-used ingredients to simplify your clients' lives.

We surveyed over 50 nutritional practitioners and over 90% agreed that our tool cut the time it takes for them to design meal plans by at least half.


Advanced Recipe Search

Find recipes that match exact nutrient requirements. No more aimlessly browsing Google or recipe blogs - find a particular type of dish, with particular ingredients, and a particular nutritional composition, easily and instantly.

Looking for recipes that match the keto diet? Need meals high in iron? Want to exlcude certain ingredients from your search, while ensuring set nutritional requirements are met? Our health algorithm makes it effortless. 


Sharing is caring

Share content with clients interactively for use on their desktop or mobile devices. No more hard-to-open or finicky PDF documents. Instead, embrace a world of in-app sharing that's easily and intuitively used across all devices, so that have a presence with your clients everywhere - at home, in the grocery store, while they're on the go, etc.

All content is also easily printed if that's more your style! 

$20/month if you choose to continue after the 7-day risk-free trial; billed monthly - cancel at any time. 


Design and Sell Feature Programs

Package and price meal plans, recipe collections, reading materials, videos & more into custom speciality programs you can sell to clients and/or followers.

Here's an example of a 21-Day Gentle Spring Cleanse by Mindfully Exponential...


3 weeks worth of meal plans

Easily designed using our advanced dietary filter settings, these plans were created following specific nutritional guidelines and curated recipes already on the Meal Garden site.


As all of the meal plans can be easily modified on the client end, a variety of recipe collections were provided so that there are plenty of options.



Lifestyle & Supplement protocol included

By using our Reading Material functionality, a media-rich article was created which elaborated on all of the elements beyond just the food that clients need to follow for a successful cleanse.

Meet Natalia...

Pediatric dietitian helping parents with starting solids, BLW, healthy baby food and picky eaters; Founder of Feeding Bytes.

"My clients love how flexible the Meal Garden system is.

They can create highly customizable meal plans in minutes and they really enjoy having access to my curated collection of recipes.

I work with a very specific audience of parents of picky eaters and it was very challenging to find a meal planning service that would allow them to go as basic or as creative as the feeding situation requires. The Meal Garden service fit the bill perfectly".  

A Database At Your Fingertips

Whether you prefer to use your own private recipes, import recipe from other public or non-public sources, or use our own (+ edit to your liking) - all options are readily available to you.


Build a recipe from scratch, and get full nutritional analysis done automatically for you - thanks to our scientific health algorithm.

Note: our new 'bulk add ingredients list' makes copying recipes from Word docs fast and simple!


Do you have a specific website, blog, or online database you'd rather pull from? No problem, importing them into Meal Garden is a one-click process.


We have 8,000 (+ counting!) recipes at your service! Feel free to tweak any of our stock recipes and as usual, get instant nutritional information as you switch around ingredients and serving sizes.

 Dr. Pamela Frank, BSc(Hons), ND

Dr. Pamela Frank, BSc(Hons), ND

Meet Pamela...

Licensed Naturopathic Doctor and Clinic Director

“Best Naturopath in Toronto” NOW Reader’s Poll 2000 & 2001 & “Best Naturopathy in Toronto” City Centre Mirror 2013 & 2014, Consumer’s Choice Award 2016

"As a naturopathic doctor, it's my job to make eating healthy as easy
as possible for my patients.

What I like best about Meal Garden is
the quantity and variety of healthy, whole food recipes that allow
me to put together meal plans that are both enticing and healthy."



Not Just Nutritional Software

What customer management tools do you use for your online or in-person wellness business?

Don't stress it, we've got you covered.


Manage and Track clients

An efficient way to organize all of your customers on a single platform, accessible and viewable with a single click. Say goodbye to a scattered collection of client files for good!

Whether or not your customers are Meal Garden users, we make it easy to have all of your clients' information listed in one central place for quick and smart reference.

Custom content for custom needs

Your clients' needs are unique as they are - so should the content and resources you provide them with (without you spending hours of work on it).

Build custom Home Boards for each client - easily making use of your pre-existing content, the constantly updated Meal Garden database, as well as whatever new individualized recipes/meal plans/reading materials they require. 

Repurpose content on a client-by-client basis, and also have the ability to design group wellness programs - always with the option for those highly valued individualized touches.

Differentiate yourself by going above and beyond simply offering mass-marketed and targeted "programs" that don't really work perfectly for anyone in particular. Here's your chance to offer true value and the meaningful help individuals are searching for.

stay top of mind with your clients

Interact with your clients in an engaging way - even when they're not in your office (or your online Facebook group). Send them notifications and reminders to stay on track the plans and wellness regimes you build out for them.

Just created something new for your client? Notify them instantly via SMS or Email with a single click. They'll appreciate the updates just as much you'll appreciate this time-saving hack to stay on top of your wellness practice game!

Meet Kristine...

Inspiring Healthy Living
with Meals that Matter
…because every bite counts!

Kristine Peacock is a Culinary Nutrition Expert, teacher and mother of 3, on a mission to promote healthy living with simple, scratch cooking, using whole foods that foster optimal nutrition for the entire family! 

She started her journey with Meal Garden back in 2016 - way before the launch of the Professional software, and is still one of the main sources of development inspiration for our tool...


One-on-one to group coaching

"As a Culinary Nutrition Expert, the Meal Garden platform is an invaluable tool for my business - from publishing and uploading my own recipes, curating collections and designing meal plans, the versatility of Meal Garden allows me to share with my followers and audience, work with 1:1 clients and develop group programs." 

Time-saving features

"Most notably, my favourite features include calculating macros and calories, limiting ingredients for dietary considerations and allergies, access to the library bank of collections and meal plans and generating grocery lists has saved me valuable time in my business, allowing me to work more efficiently for my clients!" 

white-glove assistance

"Partnering with Meal Garden is professional and collaborative. Their Professional support is second to none! From constantly updating and improving the software, listening to and responding to my feedback and trouble-shooting technical glitches (on my end!), the folks at Meal Garden have helped me serve my clients and build a culinary, go-to database of recipes, articles and meal plans!"

Your Virtual Wellness Centre.

In today's digital social media-driven world, you know online presence is a must-have - not a nice-to-have.

Why compete with all the other recipe bloggers and nutritional media influencers by spending endless time and resources building out a website from scratch?

With Meal Garden, you've provided with your very own domain link to house and share your contact in a way that's interactive, professional, and works to optimize your business goals.

P.S. if you already have a website, you may choose to simply embed your platform into your site. See the example from our Director of Community Success, Kiki at Mindfully Edible below:

Our Wellness Experts: At Your Service

Need help or inspiration? Whether it's a technical question, a nutrition-specific ask, or you want guidance on how to optimize your Nutrition platform hosted by Meal Garden - we've here with a team that's qualified and happy to assist.


Ola Pabjas

Ola received her Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Nutrition from the University of Guelph in 2012.

Since then Ola has accumulated various work and volunteer experiences in acute- and long-term health care settings, public health and the community, business and industry, as well as academic research and clinical settings.

She has also undergone continuous professional development to keep her knowledge of nutrition current, such as completing several courses at Ryerson University and attending nutrition conferences that disseminate the latest research.

Ola has completed additional certificates, including a management level Certificate in Advanced Food Safety, a course on Research Ethics through Toronto's St. Michael's Hospital, and a Certificate in Motivational Interviewing from York University. 

"Food has always been a source of great pleasure for me and a significant part of my self-care. Pursuing a career in nutrition allows me to leverage this deep appreciation for food to add value to people’s health and wellness. My passion for client-centered care and commitment to evidence-based nutrition serves as a major source of inspiration in my work at Meal Garden."


Kiki Athanas

Kiki has a entrepreneurial and business background, graduating with honours from Rotman Commerce, at the University of Toronto. Upon graduating, she was accepted into the first cohort of fellows at Venture For Canada, a non-profit that recruits, trains, and supports recent graduates to work at Canadian startups.

She joined Meal Garden over 2 years ago, and has since taken the company from pre-revenue to generating thousands of happy users across the world.

While helping the growing community of users achieve dietary and lifestyle goals through meal planning, Kiki has also worked hands-on with over a hundred certified nutritional practitioners such as Dieticians, Naturopathic Doctors, and Holistic Nutritionists across the world, and has truly come to understand what works - and what doesn't - when it comes to working with clients while building your practice (both online and in-office).

Meanwhile, she is pursuing continued studies of nutrition at U of T, as well as through various online course certifications.  

Today, Kiki also combines her passion for nutrition with her love of helping people through mindfulness at Mindfully Exponential.


Tina Gravalos

Tina is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP) and a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner (RNCP), who graduated with honours from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. She is also a member of the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants (IONC). 

Tina continues to learn and grow with the industry by taking continuing education courses and attending many workshops and seminars. Tina recently completed a course called Naturally Designed Pregnancy & Early Childhood as well as a workshop in Pediatric Nutrition & Feeding.

Tina practices holistic nutrition in Oakville, Ontario at The Poppy Clinic alongside naturopathic doctor, Dr. Michelle Peris. Tina is also a wellness contributor for Well TO Do, Toronto’s wellness and fitness guide, where she contributes articles on a variety of topics.

What I love the most about food is that making small changes can make a big impact on how you’re feeling. People don’t realize how crucial it is to eat those greens! I love creating meal plans that are going to leave people feeling good on the inside and out. At the end of the day, my goal is to make a positive impact on people's lives by encouraging and supporting them to make healthy choices to lead the healthiest life possible!


Simple, Accesible Pricing

For only $20/month you get full access to the Meal Garden Professional tool, no commitment required; month-to-month - cancel at any time.

Contact to get started on a risk-free trial today.

Your Professional Account includes:

  • Access to dozens of weekly meal plan templates - for you to customize or share the ready-made versions.
  • Access to over 8,000 nutritionist-approved recipes - share, curate, and edit to your liking.
  • Design and share reading materials with clients.
  • Your own profile domain link - searchable in our public database if you so choose. 
  • Customer management software: add, edit and track client lists --> create custom content for each individual, or build and share group programs. 
  • Invite your clients to join your Nutrition platform (powered by Meal Garden) completely free. (I.e. you have the access to grant free membership accounts to each and every one of your clients for easy use on their desktop or mobile devices). 
  • And much more...

Still not sure? No worries.

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