More than just a digital tool.


We understand that you have individual needs and goals.

 That's why we've partnered with Nutritional Experts and Health Coaches to build out customized channels to suit your needs. 


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The Healthy Eating Channel

An overall guide to easier, more nutritious living; $19.95

  • Freshly updating content from over 20 nutrition experts - from fitness trainers, pediatricians, to registered holistic nutritionists and culinary nutrition experts. 
  • Hundreds of recipes, dozens of meal plans, and over 50 e-articles to help you jump straight into optimal living!
  • Categories include clean eating, crockpot meals, no added sugar, gluten-free, kid-friendly, vegan, paleo, weight-loss, and more!

The Holistic Health Toolkit

YOUR guide to becoming a holistic health warrior; $19.95

  • Full of beautiful, quick and easy guides to help “hack” your way to a whole new you.
  • Some of this content might seem a bit odd at first - things like sprouting, fermenting, culturing, and dehydrating. If you were intimidated by some of these practices before, don’t panic: it’s way easier than you think! 
  • Everything in this toolkit is totally veggie-friendly. In fact, most recipes are vegan, and, if not, are very easily modified.
  • There's also raw food and alkaline-based meal pans. 

Eat Well With Diabetes

A VITAL RESOURCE FOR managing YOUR blood sugars every day; $49.99

  • When you are living with diabetes it becomes increasingly important - and a bit more challenging - to plan the right healthy meals.
  • Enter Alka Chopra - a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator, to help you with every step!
  • Her recipes, meal plans and guides are your answer to putting aside your question marks on "what can I eat today" - without getting bored.
  • Alka has helped hundreds of people achieve their health and nutrition goals by teaching them simple strategies to prepare daily meals and improve their nutritional wellbeing.

Healthy Eating For Moms

Simple and nutritious content for the real mom of today; $19.95

  • We've been busy collaborating with nutritionists, culinary experts, and regular moms - just like you - to bring you what you ACTUALLY need.
  • Recipes, meal plans, and guides to suit your new lifestyle.
  • An ever-growing collection of resources that will help you nourish yourself with healthy, easy-to-make foods during this oh-so-important stage of life.
  • Take the work out of being healthy with categories such as 'Superfoods for Supermoms', 'Just a Few Simple Ingredients', and 'Minimal Prep Time'.

$19.95 for the year and you get access to any of the following health coaches & their specialized, continuously updated content!


The Naughty Nutritionists

Simply Balanced. Simply Delicious.

We are Jenni & Mimi aka your Naughty Nutritionists, and they LOVE good food, and detest diets. As Registered Holistic Nutritionists, they understand that in order to maintain lifelong healthy habits, it is essential that you nourish your body, mind and soul. And that also means enjoying a little bit of chocolate or a glass of wine along the way. Want to know what makes them ‘naughty’? While some other diets and weight loss programs out there are telling you no - no carbs, no fat, no calories… no enjoying yourself. They are here to tell you YES! 

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Kristine Peacock

MEals that Matter

Meet Kristine, Culinary Nutrition Expert with over 10 years of teaching experience as an elementary school educator, she is passionate about Health, Nutrition and Fitness. As a widow and busy Mother to 3 little girls, she is committed to Inspiring Healthy Living with Simple, Scratch Cooking, using Whole Foods, to Promote Optimal Health through Nutrition for the Entire Family!  Meals that Matter offers a variety of Online Nutrition programs, Live Workshops & Cooking Classes, and 1:1 Nutrition Consulting.