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Janice Brown

The veggie-friendly, savvy scheduler

It all started about 6 years ago when Janice decided to take the leap of faith into an entirely plant-based diet. She was inspired by friends who were vegetarian or pescatarian, and who were dishing her out some incredibly delicious meals.

Maybe this veggie-centric diet wasn't as hard as it seems, Janice thought - unfortunately, she was wrong...


Kim Lechner

Mom of the year - with a little help from Meal Garden's expert community

When Kim's daughter was born with medical needs, her priority immediately became doing everything in her power to make sure she provides her with the best care possible. Of course, a vital element of this was nutrition, as ensuring her daughter was getting the nutrients she needed to thrive while also dealing with food allergies and intolerances was essential.

Throughout her journey in finding the very best in resources and support for herself and her daughter, Kim connected with Certified Nutritionist Danielle Binns through an organization called Feeding Matters


Heather Sanzone

No longer scared to eat

After being diagnosed with gestational diabetes, food become a major source of stress for Heather - she knew how important it was to make the right decisions on exactly what, how and when to eat. Unfortunately, doing it alone was daunting to say the least.

Googling recipes + make-shift manual meal planning simply wasn't cutting it.


Suzi Fevens

Meal planning confessions of a fitness-instructor

Meal planning. It’s not always fun and it quite frankly can be a pain in the butt, but for busy people it really is the only way to go if you are focused on eating healthy, saving money and most importantly – saving time during the week.

I know I’m guilty of making the same recipes and meals week after week, month after month, and while they do the job, trying out new recipes and different meals is what makes eating healthy food FUN!

Lauren Gibson

Digestive issues be gone!

My journey to Meal Garden started years ago with health issues that have had me going to doctors and having test after test. Unfortunately, they were not able to come up with any answers for my constant tummy aches, vomiting, bathroom rush visits and all around issues with food. I finally found culinary nutritionist Kristine Peacock. I started with her power of 30 course that opened my eyes to clean and healthy eating in a way that left me with delicious tasting and time saving recipes. I continued to work with Kristine 1 on 1 to tackle my problems head on. This is when Meal Garden entered my life.  Kristine introduced me to the wonders that lay within this remarkable tool, and I will be honest: I have been hooked ever since!


Amanda Gobatto

Multi-testing Mommy

My name is Amanda and I am a Mom on a mission. I'm always on the hunt for new opportunities, including new recipes to try, new products to test out and new parenting techniques to put into place. 

I have an 8 year old son and an 11 year old daughter and between them, myself and my hubby, we have quite a range of particular tastes and sensory issues in our household.  Because of this, I'm always trying out new recipes and ideas in order to provide a variety of food and healthier options when I can.