5 Ways This Mealapp Helps You Get Dinner Done

Feeding a family healthy is a real balancing act. As a parent, you have to consider a hundred different things to successfully pull it off.

Two years ago, Meal Garden embarked on a mission to figure out how to use technology to make healthy eating easier for families. We’re happy to share what we’ve created from all the talks we’ve had with busy parents.

How do parents pull this off?!  We did a little research...

Making healthy meal planning easier for families is never easy!

Families are overcoming these challenges despite what seems to be all odds.  Some of the challenges that continuously come up in our conversations with busy parents include:

  • Time is a HUGE constraint!

  • Trying out new recipes is risky business when dealing with hungry kids.

  • Collecting recipes is a lot like collecting music and movies.*

  • Grocery shopping can be a necessary evil

  • Every family has a different strategy to tackle the “healthy eating challenge”

  • People want healthy eating to be a priority.

  • Are nutrition labels purposely confusing?

  • Pizza can be the safest bet when in a pinch for time.

  • There’s a growing interest in pre-made meals as an alternative to take-out

*Note: Ok, what we heard is that people have recipes in all different formats (i.e. books, emails, websites, scraps of paper, etc.) and places.

Overall, what we’ve realized is that everyone is getting by just fine, but everyone is interested in making healthy eating easier.

We took this feedback and built an app.

After two years in the making, we’ve designed a family meal app that will help you decide what to eat and make it happen.

This is how:

  • Access from anywhere: Meal Garden provides ‘family accounts’ and is designed to work on a phone, tablet or desktop computer. Enjoy the flexibility of planning and sharing as little or as much as you want, when you can, from wherever you are.

Flexible enough for every family, accessible everywhere to save you time.

  • All your recipes in one place: A multimedia cookbook built by you. Store all your favourite recipes no matter what format: a handwritten recipe, an email from a friend, or a Jamie Oliver classic - Meal Garden keeps them all in one place.

  • Get recommendations you trust: Connect and share recipes with friends and family to reduce the anxiety around “will my kids like this?”

  • Keep healthy eating a priority: Meal Garden uses algorithms to determine what healthy eating looks like for every member of your family. In addition, every meal on Meal Garden has health ratings based on nutritional guidelines.

No more guessing about the nutritional value of your meals.  Home-made or ordered.

  • It’s a marketplace too: In addition to all that, Meal Garden also helps you get the meals done by connecting you to your local grocery stores, restaurants and other food providers. Place an order and pay right through your mobile device for a hassle free meal.

Waste less time grocery shopping.  Build pre-made meals into your week.  Easily find alternatives to Pizza in a pinch.

Easier. Healthier. Better.

Take the app for a spin!

Here's a three minute teaser of the app.

What did we miss? We need your feedback to make this a better tool for busy parents.

Let’s get a conversation going below. Good, or bad, all feedback is priceless!

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