Kiki from Meal Garden Shares Her Meal Expert Platform...

If you're on the Meal Garden mailing list or are otherwise active in our community, "Kiki from Meal Garden" probably rings a bell to you! She's our Marketing Director, and is passionate about health & wellness - inspiring you to live your best possible (nutritious) life!

With a background in commerce, training in entrepreneurship, and a love for healthy foods - Meal Garden has provided me with the perfect fast-paced environment in which I feel that I can truly flourish and explore my potential.

I am SO excited about our new Meal Expert program, and I've been hand-picking a select group of healthy-eating guru's located across North America to share their expertise with our users. Our affiliate program is officially launching this week, and in preparation, I've built out my very own 'Meal Expert' page, to test everything out...

I must admit, I had WAY too much fun with it - in fact, now I want to make myself an official Meal Expert that biased?!

I designed my public profile to be an introductory summary of my experiences and background, as well as why (and how) I'm here to help. Then I went on to build recipe collections - this was totally the fun part! The first collection I made featured all of my own original recipes ('Kiki Originals') which I created directly within the Meal Garden tool. It was awesome to get the full nutritional details for each, and have them all laid out and organized in an attractive, professional manner. I feel like a professional & famous food blogger already!

Next I decided to build out a Kimchi recipe collection, as I recently started a new business venture with my friend, Ashley, making our very own small-batch handmade kimchi and offering it across Toronto (in farmers and flea markets). I searched the internet for recipes that utilize kimchi in a way that I liked the look of, and then sent in my chosen recipe links to, to be added to my cookbook. From there I simply added each recipe into my Kimchi recipe collection

Thirdly, anyone who knows me also knows that I am a BIG fan of smoothie bowls...and often indulge in one on the daily! I started searching the Meal Garden recipe database and was pleasantly surprised to see loads of smoothie bowl recipes already on the site, so I just added the ones that got the 'Kiki-Approval!' to my Smoothie Bowls recipe collection.

Since the recipe collection creation all went so well, I decided to go all the way and build out my very own meal plan. Since I make one for myself each and every week anyways - why not share one with others who might be interested? I kept things simple, and just used some of my favourite recipes on Meal Garden and curated them into a 7-day plan - tried and tested by yours truly ;)

I may not be a qualified Meal Expert - as I admit myself, I'm just a "self-declared health nut" - but I certainly had a lot of fun building out my platform, and now I'm even MORE excited about what's to come with the real experts I've chosen for our community...stay tuned!

Want to learn more about our Meal Expert affiliate program? Feel free to reach out to

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