Meal Garden Celebrates Going Channel-Forward

Digital health & meal management app moves from static to constantly updating content inspired by users.

Release date: Sept 13th, 2017

Toronto, ON:  Charging forward towards its goal of simplifying the complex world of healthy eating, this month marks the launch of ‘Channels’ - a new and refined way to access healthy eating information through the Meal Garden platform.

After spending years working directly with thousands of customers and health experts to optimize the way users interact with Meal Garden core capabilities: automatic health analysis, recipe management, meal planning, automated grocery lists and customized notifications, they have launched the most ambitious components of the system yet: full practitioner support and ‘Channels’ - a new way to simply healthy eating for the busy world.

The drivers behind these components were simple, says Kiki Athanassoulias, Vice President, Customer Success at Meal Garden: "What I’ve realized through my conversations with people is they really want coaching and direction in addition to choice and flexibility, so we set to work on making that a reality in Meal Garden."

Coincidentally, years of partnering with Dieticians, Naturopathic Doctors, Nutritionists, and other Health Coaching Experts made fulfilling such requests the next logical step in Meal Garden’s development path. In order to match the needs of a diverse user base (from new moms to people living with Diabetes, to fitness-focused millennials), specially curated 'Channels' were launched. Each of these separately managed hubs include daily content updates like new recipes, videos, articles, and of course, nutritionally-optimized meal plans.

With less than five thousand users, the Meal Garden community has a ways to go to fulfill its goal as the ‘go-to’ marketplace for healthy eating, but consistent growth and the fact that no real efforts to market the tool have been executed yet, give the team confidence that they are on the right track.

"I’m very happy with the success stories being shared by our users," said Vlad Chernenko, Co-Founder of Meal Garden. "Some have saved hundreds a month on groceries, others have lost weight in a healthy way, many are able to easily feed children with dietary restrictions - certainly better than having to resort to buying pizza on the way home from work!"

Using September (the new “start of the year”) as the perfect month to introduce capabilities to the platform that connects those who want to eat better with those that are qualified to help, Meal Garden continues to be the digital marketplace for all things diet and nutrition.

About Meal Garden: Meal Garden is a mobile-optimized web-based tool that empowers users to easily find and create recipes and meal plans. All of this comes with full nutritional analysis thanks to its comprehensive health algorithm.  Meal Garden looks forward to participating on the ALPHA startup track at Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal this November, 2017