Chronic Fatigue?  Meal Planning could help

Chronic Fatigue? Meal Planning could help

If your clients struggle with chronic fatigue or just lacking energy, meal planning could help them improve their health.

With a healthy eating plan and an exercise routine in place, your clients could be feeling like their old selves again. Just ask Christine Sauer, a Meal Garden Professional who was able to overcome her chronic fatigue using this exact plan.

Christine is a German-trained doctor, naturopath, dermatologist, and now health coach who uses her experience struggling with (and overcoming) depression and chronic fatigue to help her clients. She believes that it’s possible to regain your energy and to feel good again, because she’s been there.


After leaving Germany to come to Canada, Doc Christine (as she’s known to her patients) became very isolated and depressed. Having just lost her first husband to suicide made her depression worse. And although she had treated patients with depression in the past, she couldn’t quite see the light herself at that point in time. After being admitted to hospital for her mental health struggles, she decided to make changes in her life so she could stay healthy. A combination of conventional and naturopathic medicines, an increase in exercise, and changing her nutrition habits all came together to help Christine reach the healthy state she still enjoys today.

Christine mentions that she’s still using medication and that she’s not against it, but that she wants to see conventional and naturopathic medicine working together more often to help people. Christine’s attitude of a more integrated approach to health is reflected in the way she lives her own life, and the way she helps her health coaching clients.




As a health coach, Christine helps to develop a plan for her clients to take control of their health—and their lives. One of the things Christine helps clients with is modifying eating habits, which can help them feel more energetic and start on the path to self-recovery. Christine uses Meal Garden to help her clients with meal planning and healthy eating. She discovered Meal Garden via the Healthie App and chose Meal Garden for its ease of use and for the many meal plans it provides.

While chronic fatigue syndrome will need to be diagnosed by a doctor, raising your energy levels can be done right now. Adopting a healthy diet, exercising often, and having a plan for your health can all help. Christine also provides a free roadmap and checklist to help you learn how to heal depression, emotional pain, and chronic fatigue.

In addition to all the credentials already mentioned, Christine is also a Brain Health Coach, podcast host, and published author. To learn more about Christine and how she helps clients, you can connect with her on Facebook, LinkedIn, or directly on her website.  Want more information on healing chronic fatigue? Be sure to tune in to Christine's podcast, which airs both locally in Nova Scotia and is also live streamed on


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