Before you invest in meal planning software do this

Before you invest in meal planning software do this

Before you invest in software for your nutrition business, you probably want to know what it can do. Not just how fancy and pretty it looks, but is it worth the investment?

Will it help you:

  • Save time?

  • Provide better service to your clients?

  • Replace other software?

  • Build your business?

In other words, is it going to support your goal to help more people reach their health goals?

You certainly don’t have to spend hours diving into a full-on users manual or training course to find all this out - a Quickstart guide to the software can be more than enough.

Looking at a meal planning software’s Quickstart guide is the perfect way to get an overview before you decide to invest. It can also help you go through the first few steps you’re going to need to take to “quickly start” using the software like a pro.

What kind of things are important in meal planning software?

If you think about the benefits you need from your meal planning software you might consider:

  • Potential new clients finding your professional page on their website.

  • Saving time by using good recipes that are already there.

  • Saving even more time by scheduling existing meal plans for your clients based on their personal health goals and meal preferences.

  • Partner with your clients by inviting them to log into the software to see your plan (and other material you have for them) and let them tell you which meals they made.

  • Make things simple for your clients, like automatically making customizable grocery lists they can take to the store.

meal planning software.png

How would a meal planning software do all that?

Some of the features of a meal planning software program to help you build your nutrition business may include:

  • A public-facing customizable web page.

  • Thousands of “healthier” recipes and the ability to add your favourites.

  • Professionally created meal plans that you can schedule for your clients in a few clicks, or even customize if you have to.

  • The ability to create your own professional recipe collections and meal plans to share with your clients.

  • Allowing your clients to make comments and even upload photos of their meals for you to see.

  • Having a grocery list that automatically generates based on recipes, servings, and leftovers, plus allows your clients to add or subtract what they don’t need.

  • Letting your clients take that grocery list to the store on their phones, sorted by aisle so they can check off each item as they pick it up.

These are just some of the benefits and features of Meal Garden’s meal planning software.

Sure we have a full-on professional handbook with step-by-step instructions on how to do just about anything you need. But, wouldn’t you rather save the details for when you need them and check out the high-level benefits in just a few minutes?

You can see these in our brand new  Quickstart guide. You can instantly download Meal Garden’s Quickstart Guide below.

meal planning software 2.png

The Quickstart Guide shows you that you can:

  • Set up your professional profile webpage that you can send your clients to.

  • Upload your materials for your clients where you can give them free access, or even sell them.

  • Use the power of Meal Garden’s recipe database where you can search, filter, and sort through our thousands of recipes to find exactly what you need without scrolling forever.

  • See our nutrition information and health rating system works, and how to save recipes to your collection.

  • Schedule pre-made meal plans, and customize them or create your own to match your clients’ nutrition and health goals.

  • Engage with your clients right in the software.

  • Get the most out of the automated grocery lists.


There are heaps of features and benefits you need from your meal planning software so it helps your nutrition business run smoother and grow. Before investing in professional software, check out the Quickstart Guide to make sure it’s for you.

Download Meal Garden’s Quickstart guide below.

One simple tool to save time and money, and get healthier: A meal plan template

One simple tool to save time and money, and get healthier: A meal plan template

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Checklist for choosing a meal planning app