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Done-for-you meal plan programs

Dozens of meal plan templates - complete with grocery lists, full nutritional analysis, and prep guides. Repurpose our plans as is, brand with your own logo, and/or modify to suit your unique clients' needs.

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Real time nutritional analysis

Building meal plans no longer takes hours on end. Let our digital health algorithm be at your service to design individualized plans - because we understand that your clients are individuals, not the masses!

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Let your clients take it home

While you can easily export and print off any and all content you find and create in Meal Garden, there's also an interactive customer-facing app! Empower your clients with digital grocery lists they can use on their phones, schedule your meal plans to their calendars, and so much more...

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Take the stress out of meal planning - for yourself, and your clients.

Simple, affordable pricing with ZERO commitment; $20/month (CDN).



Help your clients, better.

"My favourite thing about Meal Garden is the ability to create custom meal plans based on specific nutrients and vitamins."

- Nicole Di Nardo,

Certified Nutritional Practitioner


Meal Garden for Individuals

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Not sure if Meal Planning is really your thing?

"I don't do meal plans."

We hear that a lot from the Professionals we work with - even though they admit their clients do still ask for them. 

So why not?

They're time-consuming and hard.

That's exactly why we designed this easy-to-follow 5-week course, so you can become an expert in building and sharing valuable meal plan content in your business and set yourself apart as a Wellness Professional who's ahead of the curve.

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We Love Learning From Fellow Wellpreneurs!

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Don’t just stay “up-to-date” on the various health & wellness trends - get information on cutting edge practices, tools, and systems so that you can be the progressive specialist your clients deserve.

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