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Spend less time creating meal plans for your clients

Easily find, personalize and share professionally created recipe collections and meal plans with your clients.

After talking to hundreds of Health Professionals, it’s clear that although meal planning is key to positive client outcomes, it’s also a tedious, almost painstaking task.

Using Meal Garden will make creating and sharing meal information easy and will increase your clients ability to succeed.

How it works

Quickly find the right meals

You’ll quickly find the meals that best suit your clients protocols by filtering meals by any combination of dietary needs, health conditions and specific nutritional make-up.

  • ‘Show me all breakfasts with bananas and no dairy and more than 10 grams of fibre’

  • ‘Find meal plans with under 2500 calories, nut-free and plant-based’

  • ‘Only display meals that are gluten-free and have no processed sugar’

All the meals have complete and accurate instructions and helpful notes making it easy for clients no matter their culinary experience.

“What I like best about Meal Garden is the quantity and variety of healthy, wholefood recipes that allow me to put together meal plans that are both enticing and healthy.”
— Pamela Frank, Naturopathic Doctor

easily PErsonalize Them

Once you’ve found what you need, you’ll easily create visibly pleasing plans, collections and programs for your clients.

You’ll save plenty of time with Meal Garden’s drag-and-drop interface and automatic tools like pre-preparation instructions, shopping lists, nutritional breakdowns and dietary goals.

In addition to personalizing meal plans, you can personalize your Meal Garden so when your clients engage with your content, they know who’s helping them.

“I like how it can be personalized based on lifestyle, food preferences, specific nutrition needs as well as cooking interest and abilities.”
— Andrea Miller, Registered Dietitian

Share with your clients

All of the information you prepare will be available for your clients to print out or interact with online. They can modify plans, update food diaries and communicate with you directly through encrypted chat on the platform.

In addition, you can monitor their progress and use this information to guide your coaching conversations.

All leading towards more positive experiences, better outcomes and long lasting relationships with your clients.

“My clients love how flexible the Meal Garden system is. They can create highly customizable meal plans in minutes and they really enjoy having access to my curated collection of recipes.”
— Natalia Stasenko, Dietitian

All the features for 7 days free of charge. No credit card required.
Plans start @ 30 USD per month, cancel anytime.


More than three Hundred Professionals like you have already improved their practices with Meal Garden…

Most Meal Garden members report up to a 70% reduction in time spent finding recipes and creating meal plans.

What will you do with the time you save?

All the features for 7 days free of charge. No credit card required.
Plans start @ 30 USD per month, cancel anytime.