"I don't have time to eat healthy."


Created by Vlad Chernenko in 2012, Meal Garden was designed to help individuals eat healthy amidst their busy lifestyles. Healthy eating isn't as intimidating as it seems, it's actually pretty enjoyable with the right tools and guidance. We are dedicated to providing the tools and guidance to help make the world a healthier place, one user at a time.


Team Members

Vlad Chernenko.png

Vlad Chernenko, Founder

"In late 2012, I had a watershed moment when I realized many of my colleagues struggled with eating healthy and providing healthy meals for their families. Since that time, I've focused my efforts on understanding the challenges of eating healthy and building systems to make healthy eating more efficient."


Jeff Lougheed.png

Jeff Lougheed, Coach/Advisor

"After working with Vlad for more than a decade at Constellation and seeing how easy MealGarden made understanding healthy, I wanted to help out. My role includes mentoring the inbound marketing team, working with Vlad to prioritize and manage product development and generally cheerleading the team to success!"


Kiki Athanassoulias, Director of Marketing

"After discovering a company with a mission to make 'healthifying' your life (admittedly, a hobby of mine) as efficient as possible, I knew I had to get onboard. The opportunity to be apart of such a passionate team tackling one of today's biggest concerns - our health - is an extremely rewarding experience. 


Tim Tisdall, Developer

"Meal Garden speaks to me because it is the only platform of its kind that tracks your long term nutrition. Helping implement some of the great features of Meal Garden is one of the best parts of being on the development team. I am very excited for what the future holds."

Iris Lozano, Recipe Manager

"With a Bachelor of Applied Science degree (BASc) in Human Nutrition, this is the perfect opportunity for me to contribute with my knowledge into making the Meal Garden recipes and user experience the best they can be. Meal Garden uses the convenience and speed of the Internet to provide users with a dynamic tool, founded on evidence-based research, to allow for accurate, quick and healthy meal planning."

Constantina Gravalos, Nutritionist and Customer Service Specialist

"I am a passionate advocate for all things holistic health. In this day and age, I believe there is a strong urgency in educating people on the importance of nourishing their bodies, with the purest of foods, and lifestyle practices to reach optimal health. I love working with people! I find it very rewarding to be able to make a lasting impression, big or small, on anyone who crosses my path. At the end of the day, my goal is to make a positive impact on people's lives, which is what I strive for in anything that I do!"