May 29, 2023
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4 Essentials to Becoming a Wellness Influencer

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How do you turn your passion into your job?

The answer: make the leap.

That’s what Olivia Seymour, wellness influencer, decided to do after 5 years of being a hairstylist.

“Honestly, I felt this calling since I was younger,” Olivia says, “I was that kid that always gave away my cookies and tended to be at the fruit and the veggie platters at family parties and everyone called me a rabbit.”

Growing up with a busy, single mom, Olivia didn’t always have access to fresh whole foods… and when she became a hair stylist and moved in with her boyfriend, she avoided the kitchen.

But eventually, she challenged herself.

From Olivia’s Instagram @vialiv
From Olivia’s Instagram @vialiv

She began to alter her favorite recipes by creating healthier versions.

As she spent more time in the kitchen, Olivia slowly morphed her hairstyling Instagram into what it is now: an inspiring, colorful, wellness influencer page.

“I actually got a job at a cold press juice shop and learned a lot there,” Says Seymour, ”And then I ended up working at Whole Foods and became a whole body buyer there and learned a lot within a year with supplements and clean beauty and all of that.”

She just “wanted to take it on” on her own. So, she took a chance.

What do you need to do to become a Health & Wellness Influencer?  Here are some key tips.

From Olivia’s Instagram @vialiv
From Olivia’s Instagram @vialiv
  • Find your platform
  • Be consistent

“Recently where I started to see a lot of the growth was with being  consistent and having some sort of theme,” says Olivia, “Your Instagram page is your first impression.”

How to Take Care of Yourself so You Can Confidently Grow Your Brand

Even though some of us might have more time during quarantine, all those Zoom calls can still be draining.

Facing classic 2020 burnout, Olivia followed these steps to a better headspace:

Sit with yourself

Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 9.25.42 AM.png

Simply sit. Breathe.

Why does this help with being an influencer?

You find where your passions are, and how much you can take.

“How are we going to use this time to do as much as we can, learn as much as we can?” Olivia asks, “Going from not having control of my life, like as far as traveling all the time on the go, eating out at restaurants, I really started to embrace, ‘Hey, I have some time to just like, think about what is, what is it that I'm really trying to do?’”

Establish a daily schedule that helps you overcome stress.

Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 9.24.11 AM.png

A calm mind is able to embrace passions and success.

For Olivia, morning routines have been a huge part of her success. It gives her time to be present during the day and ground her for what’s to come.

“Waking up early was never easy for me, but my boyfriend started waking up early and then he started waking me up earlier. Just having that morning routine of dry brushing, brushing my teeth, tongue scraping, taking a shower, going up to our roof and watching the sunrise has really helped start the day and really get me on the right foot.”

Establish boundaries with the people you love.

Talking only about the pandemic or trying to fill every minute by connecting with others can be super draining, and that’s why Seymour decided that she would fill more time with the things she is passionate about.

Now that she has the platform, Seymour decided to get a health coaching certificate.

“I'm really excited to learn the coaching skills, the business skills. I feel like I have a really good understanding of the nutrition part of it. But as far as the coaching and being able to talk to people and guide them, I think is the thing I’m most looking forward to.”

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What does she want us to know about the remaining time in the social distancing sphere?

“I would just say really take some time with yourself, whether that be, you know, a face mask or do a dry brushing with self oil massage, cook a meal. Just really spend some time with yourself.”

You can find Olivia Seymour on Instagram @vialiv.

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