May 29, 2023
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5 tips for helping your clients shift into a new season

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Should you be spring cleaning your client’s diet plans?


And we’ve pulled together 5 tips to help you get started.

Spring is here, and it is wonderful!

Spring is the time of the year that promises new life and new hope. After our long and dark winter, spring gives us a glimpse into the upcoming warmer months, that boost of Vitamin D (and diminishing seasonal affective disorder), and a relaxing summer ahead - COVID pending.

Spring also signals a shift for many of us.

In Ayurvedic practices, harmonizing with nature helps you to feel in step with the seasons.  But whether you practice Ayurveda or not, there's no denying that spring means to shift, and if you're feeling it, you better believe your clients are too!

So the question is, what does spring cleaning look like, and should you be doing it for your client's diet plans?

Spring cleaning diet plans for clients doesn't mean you need to re-do them or that the information you provided them in the cooler months isn't valid anymore. It just means that it's time to offer up some strategic advice, make light adjustments and help your clients feel aligned with the upcoming warmer seasons.

Here are 5 Helpful Tips for Helping Your Clients Shift into a New Season

Tip 1:  Provide resources about seasonal eating and give them your best practices for adding seasonal foods to their grocery plans.

Whether east or west coast, every location has an abundance of certain foods that pop up season to season. Check-in with local resources or farmer's markets to find out what foods are highly accessible, and try to incorporate more of those foods into your client's daily routine. Check out these Farm Fresh Dinner Recipes to Make into Spring!

You can also help them with affordable grocery plans by assisting them in finding local farmer's markets and coming up with recipes that are easy to prepare and use the freshest, highest-quality, and budget-friendly foods.

Tip 2: Offer lighter alternatives to comfort food classics.

Cold weather has us attracted to heavy comfort foods. It's probably our biology (you know, staying warm in those cold winter months), or maybe it's our mindset (the lack of certain nutrients). Whatever the reason we reach for soups, stews, and heavier meals in the winter, we can start to ditch that now and focus on lighter alternatives. For example, you might want to take that rich beef stew and turn it into these Light, Flank steak Tacos, or that cheesy pasta bake, turn it into this Greek Pasta Salad.

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Tip 3: Guide them to waste less with the leftover function in Meal Garden.

One of our favorite things to do in spring is to plant seeds, sprout seeds and work towards lowering our food waste levels through composting, recycling, and reusing whole food ingredients. Now is a perfect time for you to help your clients with this too!

Check out these fantastic tips on foods that you can reuse before throwing out.

You can also help your clients by teaching them how to use the leftover function in Meal Garden or creating meal plans that consider leftovers.

Check out this bone broth recipe; it's the perfect way your clients can find nourishment by utilizing leftover chicken bones.

Tip 4: Send a quarterly intake form to see how their health has changed over the last couple of months.

You’re already doing regular check-ins with your clients to see how they are doing and how you can help them improve their progress, but are you sending intake forms regularly? And at what capacity?

Doing a quarterly intake ensures you proactively adjust their plans and bring to the surface new life stressors.  Intake exercises also provide insight into what might not be working for them.

Here are some practical ways Meal Garden can help with your quarterly client intake forms and review:

  • Deliver the intake form through the resources section in Meal Garden
  • Ask them about their favorite recipes and what recipes they don't like, and why
  • Ask them how they feel after they eat certain foods

Some other things to think about with your clients as you shift into a new season:

  • New stresses in their life
  • New foods that are causing digestive upset or symptoms
  • Level of exercise (increased or decreased)
  • Their attachment to food

Tip 5: Talk to them about a pantry purge & restock; use Custom Foods in Meal Garden.

Spring is the perfect time for a pantry purge and to guide your clients into restocking their pantry with healthy, lighter foods.

Suggest replacing these items with lighter dry pantry items, such as:

  • Seasonings
  • Seeds
  • Coconut milk
  • Oats
  • Whole grains such as quinoa or wheatberries
  • Kinds of vinegar
  • Organic oils
Check out this Ayurveda Spring Collection to see some fantastic foods that your clients can use to restock their pantry. Recommend to your clients that purging old beans, legumes, and grains that are stale and have gone bad because they may be harboring bacteria and molds.

These are all great options for a fresh and seasonal spring pantry!

Did you know that your Meal Garden can be personalized to incorporate the brands you love via custom foods?

Do you have a favorite vegan cheese brand? You can quickly add it to your Meal Garden and share it with your clients.

Do the same for all of your favorite brands so they can become your client's favorite brands too!

Click here to see how you can personalize your Meal Garden with spring friendly foods!

In Summary


If you are looking for more resources on building a stronger coaching business, check out these Free Health Coaching Resources!

Share your best practices!

Share with the community what you’re doing to help your clients freshen up for spring!

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