May 29, 2023
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5 ways wellpreneurs can thrive outside their comfort zones in the era of coronavirus

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In times like the coronavirus pandemic, all sense of “normal” flies out the window.

Many wellpreneurs aren’t sure how to proceed in these uncertain times.

Is this the time for all of us to take a breather, or double down? How can we best serve our clients right now? How can we continue to grow our businesses right now?

If you feel thrust outside of your comfort zone, you’re not alone.

Here are five steps dietitians and nutritionists can take to help their clients and thrive in the era of coronavirus … and how to ensure your business is stronger for it.

  1. Put yourself first.

As a wellpreneur, you shoulder the challenges of your clients on a weekly basis. That’s draining on a normal week. Couple that with the fear, loneliness, and uncertainty of a pandemic, and you have a lot weighing you down.

You cannot help your clients if you’re stressed and burnt out. Chronic stress affects everything from your cognitive functioning to your ability to make critical decisions.

As Norm Kelly once said, “You cannot pour from an empty cup.”

We need to be extra kind to ourselves in this time of uncertainty and social isolation.

2. Stay calm

“When you get stuck in your head thinking, and you go ‘round and ‘round in circles not getting anywhere and you ruminate…. that just leads to feelings of overwhelm,” says Mindset and Empowerment Coach Gabrielle Treanor.

“When you feel calm, you feel more in control. You feel like you can do things. You’re more confident in yourself. You feel like you can handle challenges.”

So how can we achieve a sense of calm during these uncertain times?

Gabrielle tells us to start with awareness.

Gabrielle encourages us to:

  • Get out a notebook and journal everything out.
  • Take 10 slow belly breaths and key into yourself.
  • Acknowledge what you can control (and not control) in your life.

Learn how to achieve balance and calm during these uncertain times by listening to the full interview on the Making It Real Podcast.

3. Listen more

The pandemic has made many people turn inward and look at their own health. Many people feel confused.

Right now, put the brakes on providing advice. Just listen. Be compassionate. Practice active listening when people tell you what they’re feeling, worrying about, thinking, wondering, and needing.

By practicing active listening, you will learn things about your client base that you otherwise wouldn’t have learned.

In fact, active listening is the single most important skill for any coach, nutritionist, or dietician. This is your time to be there for your clients by seeking to understand them better.  

4. Embrace being online.

Many dietitians and nutritionists have a business model that revolves around meeting clients in person.

In the era of social distancing, now is the time to embrace digital tools to help clients get the most out of their work with you, and keep your business running strong.

You might be surprised at the new opportunities the digital space can offer, and how much more effective you can be with the use of new technologies.

To discover more tools that can revolutionize your wellness business, check out these Awesome Apps for Health Coaches.

5. Keep selling.

The stock market crashed, you know some people out of work, and you lost some retirement funds. Thousands of people are filing for unemployment. You might think that now is the time to fold.

Especially with a scary virus going around, many small business owners are asking, “How do I continue to build my business without seeming like I’m monetizing on people’s fear?”

Instead of taking the “duck and cover” route and making assumptions, it’s time to step up and show people that you’re here to help.

“When most people are freaking out about business, the leaders, the authorities, the experts, they’re the ones stepping up guiding the community, helping them thrive and as a result their businesses are making more money than ever,” says sales strategist Jenny Beres.

This is not the time to shy away from selling.  Get creative with your offerings. Here are a few ideas:

  • Provide free materials for potential clients. Maybe you develop a free “First Aid Kit” for clients who need to support their immune systems or handle other health concerns during this time.
  • Create a new lead magnet. Try an e-book, a quiz, or a free webinar to introduce yourself to potential clients.
  • Create a visitor’s area in your Meal Garden online portal so potential clients can get to know your work.
  • Forge a referral partnership with an existing business whose clients might benefit from your services.
  • Offer your next group course as a Pay-What-You-Can model.
  • Productize your service by creating a pre-recorded online Masterclass.

Still not feeling confident that your nutrition business can ACTUALLY flourish during a pandemic and economic downturn?

Get out a piece of paper and write “Why should your clients hire you right NOW during the pandemic?”

Write down as many as you can and feel your confidence level rise.

Every Wellpreneur CAN Flourish In Times of Uncertainty.

It’s as the old song goes, “Into each life, some rain must fall.” We all must become familiar -- and learn to thrive -- outside our comfort zones.

Here at Meal Garden, our mission is to help dietitians, nutritionists, and health coaches achieve success in their businesses. We’re all in this together. Join the conversation by heading over to our Instagram Page. We’d love to hear your thoughts as we figure this out together.

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