May 29, 2023
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Health & Wellness Businesses: 7 Key Email Marketing Tips You Need to Know

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While social media and PPC campaigns seem to dominate the face of marketing, email marketing is still one of the most popular and most effective marketing tools in existence and is a great way to connect with genuine leads who are interested in your content and your business.

As a health or wellness business, connecting with your customers in this one-on-one style is essential to your success, especially since the entire industry could be considered a personal industry. However, that doesn’t mean you just need to send out emails and wait for the customers to come.

You need to be proactive and master the art of using email marketing to your advantage. To get you started, we’re going to explore several essential tips you need to know to help you maximize the output of your email marketing campaign.

#1 - List Segmentation

The first step you need to take is segmenting your mailing list into different groups, so you can individually market to each demographic is a style that best suits them. When a customer signs up to your list, you should allow them to add personal information, such as their age, their gender, their geographical location, and their interests and so on.

“You can then divide up your email recipients into these groups and create custom emails for each demographic, allowing you to customise the content to suit their needs, rather than generalising everybody into the same category” – explains Hosea Rivas, an Email Marketer at Revieweal and Huffingtonpost writer.

#2 - Master the Art of Subject Writing

The most important element of your marketing emails is your subject line. Without an effective subject line, a reader will simply see your emails and discard them as something that isn’t interesting to them. You want your subject lines to grab your reader’s attention and make it impossible for them to resist clicking on your content.

#3 - Perfect Your Calls to Actions


Your CTAs are also massively important when it comes to the success of your marketing emails. It doesn’t matter if your content is amazing and really gets your reader excited about your new wellness product or content on your website, if your calls to action are clear or enticing enough, your readers will get confused and won’t bother clicking further.

Make sure your CTAs stand out from the rest of your emails, so they’re easy to see and also contain their own piece of actionable text that really make your readers want to click to carry on their customer journey.

If you need help with creating high-quality calls to action, try using writing guides like My Writing Way, or editing your existing ones using email formatting tools like Essayroo.

#4 - Use Analytics

This is a process you should carry out now and then after every single email that you send to your customers. This allows you to see the performance of each email, giving you information on your open and click-through rates.

This is such important information as you need to know what features of your emails work and which need improvement. If your emails aren’t being opened, you’ll need to improve your subject lines. If you have a low click-through rate, you need to improve your content and your calls to action.

#5 - Remain Consistent with Your Branding

There are many automated email and marketing platforms out there to choose from, but it solely depends on what you want to achieve for your business. While it’s good to try researching a few platforms first and seeing what works best for you, it’s important to remember whatever option you choose needs to be in-line with your business’s branding.

For professional advice on how to write inline with your branding, or to editing your existing content to match your brand’s personality and tone of voice, try using writing guides like Via Writing or Academized, as recommended by the HuffPost here.

#6 - Test Your Emails


More commonly referred to as A/B testing, it’s important that you create two emails with one thing changed so, over time, you can start to test your emails to see which features are more effective and help your business grow towards your goals and targets.

This is simply done by creating an email and then a different version, perhaps with different text, a different call to action or colour scheme and then sending one to half your recipients and the other to the other half to see which performs best.

Don’t forget to check your emails to ensure they are free from errors and mistakes. This means checking and proofreading your content, a process that can be made easier using tools like Bestbritishessays and Writing Populist.

#7 - Maintain a Variety of Content

It’s easy to fall into the trap of simply emailing your mailing lists one kind of topic of content, such as promotions that you’re running or just talking about your business, but there’s no reason you can’t get creative with what you send.

Perhaps you’re writing a newsletter, links to your highest performing content, promotional offers or discounts to your store or even customer surveys, whatever you decide to send, remember to keep things fresh and exciting by mixing it up.

To create this variety of emails, try using subject idea generation tools like Resumention, or invest in the assistance of email copywriting services like Paperfellows, as recommended by Simplegrad.


As you can see, there are many elements to remember when it comes to enhancing your email marketing campaign for your health and wellness business. By improving your email marketing campaign, you can connect with your customers in a new and more effective way, boosting your click-through rate, your website traffic and, naturally, your sales.

Gloria Kopp is a blog writer and editor at Grade on Fire. She is the author of Studydemic educational blog for students.

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