May 29, 2023
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How NLP can help improve client outcomes and boost your sphere of influence

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Teri is a Transformational Leader and expert in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Hypnosis. She helps entrepreneurs and high performers to move from where they are to where they want to be in a short period of time. She has studied Peak Performance and Life Enhancement for over a decade and has over 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur.

What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Why Learn It in 2020?

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a psychological approach that involves analyzing strategies used by successful individuals and applying them to reach a personal goal. It relates thoughts, language, and patterns of behavior learned through experience to specific outcomes.

In a word, it’s the study of programming behaviors through the language of the mind.

How can NLP help you in your nutrition practice?

Practice management for wellness professionals is more important than ever.

During conversations, most of us fixate on words. What does this person mean and what shall I say in return?

Words are important, however they are only 7% of our communication. 38% is tonality and 55% is physiology and that means that 93% of our communication is happening unconsciously outside of our awareness. When you can bring unconscious communication into consciousness, you become a master in communication.

How NLP can help you become a better health practitioner

  • Become a better communicator
  • Become a more effective leader
  • Get better at selling your offerings
  • Become more influential in your space
  • Rectify unwanted behaviors in yourself and others
  • Achieve mental toughness as an entrepreneur, and overcome business challenges with resilience

How NLP can help your clients?

When it comes to achieving health goals, clients have barriers. These barriers are often mental: negative self-talk and belief systems that hold them back.

Because NLP specializes in improving communication, there’s no better way to put it to the test than in marketing and sales, where communication is critical.

That goes for all health coaches, nutritionists, and dietitians out there who want to understand what motivates people.

Essentially, NLP helps you speak directly to the minds of clients, which also helps practitioners better understand client needs.

After all, people are more successful when they’re inspired by what they DO WANT, not scared of what they DON’T want. Therefore, NLP coaches tap into their client’s intrinsic motivations so they can succeed in their health goals.

Introducing the Accelerated NLP Practitioner Training by Teri Holland

Teri, often referred to as the “Queen of NLP” is internationally recognized for leading the NLP revolution.  She is also a successful high performance coach and founder of Teri Holland Co., and has a #1 self-help podcast on iTunes, called The Teri Holland Show.

By taking the Accelerated NLP Practitioner Training, you will learn the three main traits of great leaders:

  • How to influence yourself first, and then others
  • How to communicate in a way that gets the message through
  • How to achieve any goal

Big News: Meal Gardeners can enjoy immediate access to the online pre-study materials AND the bonus programs, “Powered Up Sales”, “Total Confidence” and “Launch Your Podcast”…

These bonuses alone are worth $2,000, and the training itself is worth $3,800…

But Teri is offering all this — a value of almost $6,000 — to Meal Gardeners for only $1,500!

This is not a drill.

Learn more about this amazing course by clicking here.

Be sure to take advantage of the Meal Garden savings by signing up for The Accelerated NLP Practitioner Training at this link.

Have any questions about this training? Reach out to Teri by emailing her at

NLP coaching could be just that one extra step that could make a big difference in your life.

The real power of your mind, language, and actions are uncovered through NLP training but it’s more than just a collection of techniques. It is a way of thinking, a frame of mind based on curiosity, exploration, and ultimate success.

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