May 29, 2023
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How to Create a Website for Your Wellness Business

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For health coaches and other wellness professionals, a great website is a must-have. Done right, a website not only stands as an advertisement for your brand and a source of information for potential clients, it can also be a great way to add some passive income streams to your business and save you time in the long run. Read on to learn how to create a website for your wellness business, complete with examples of how other wellness professionals have done theirs.


Websites come in many forms, but there are a few rules of thumb to keep in mind. Firstly, while it’s important to know what’s involved in physically getting a website up, knowing how to create a website involves more than just the technical aspects of hosting and domain names. You also need excellent writing skills as a copywriter (or consider hiring someone to do this part for you). You'll need both the technical aspect as well as the creative one. Let's start with the technical.

First, you'll need to get a domain name and a web hosting plan. Think of your domain name as your street address and your web hosting plan as your rent. You can choose your address, but you still have to pay the rent. The domain is your physical address online (the www part). Your hosting plan is what keeps your website and files online. While it’s possible to host your website for free, if you want more freedom, more functionality, and more sales, it’s best to self-host (e.g. pay for hosting).

I personally use SiteGround for my hosting and NameCheap for my domain names, with WordPress as my Content Management System (or CMS for short). What that means is that I’ve purchased a domain from NameCheap, and SiteGround hosts my site. I then use WordPress to create all my pages and blog posts. This is the setup I use, but there are many, many different ways to do it. On this post, we’re going to talk more about how to set up the pages of your website for success. In other words, we’ll discuss copy & sales funnels. For more information on different web hosting providers, see this great Entrepreneur article. Once you have your website and a CMS account set up, it’s time to start adding content to your website.


Any website should have, at the bare minimum, an about page, a contact page, and a services page. If you hope to sell digital products (which you should plan on doing if you want to expand your business), a blog is also a must. Here's how to write words that can turn readers into buyers.

The number one rule of digital marketing is to make your copy about your client, not about you. Even your “About me” page should really be about the person reading it. Here’s an example from Andrea Miller's website:


Andrea’s home page asks questions that get the reader to immediately connect to the services she provides. The copy talks about the reader first, and about how her services can help her reader second. The questions and suggestions included in the home page immediately hone in on her target market (people who enjoy food and want to achieve personal nutrition goals, and who are likely feeding a family). This is a great example of how to create a website that helps your client while growing your audience and attracting potential clients. Once you’ve written your about page, it’s time to tell people what you do. That’s where your services page comes in.

Your services page is similar to your about page, in that you want to emphasize how your services will help the reader, rather than spend a long time talking about yourself. It’s great to list your services, but you should also briefly explain what each service does. One way to do this is to simply have a list of services; however, having visually appealing images can help to get clients to click and stay on your website longer.

The longer someone stays on your website, the higher the chances that they’ll eventually make a purchase or at least sign up for your mailing list. Ignite Nutrition does a great job of this with great images right on their homepage that ask questions to engage the reader, who is then redirected to the exact service they’re interested in. Here's an example of one of their images:


Having great copy works wonders to make your website a key marketing tool for your business. But great copy isn’t enough. You also need to know how to create a website that looks good. Great images, clean design, and easy navigation all combine to give your visitors a great experience and help them to start trusting you as a brand.

There are many places to acquire beautiful photos for your website. Just be sure that you are either paying for your photos or that you are using photos that have a Creative Commons License. Two of my favourite places to get these photos are and If you can, be sure to credit the photographers. Even though it’s not mandatory, it’s a nice thing to do. Adding photos to your site is great, but make sure you don’t make your site too busy with too much text and too many pictures. Clean design helps to make your website more attractive as well.

In addition to attractive photos, great copy, and clean design, there are some other tricks to not only make your website look good, but also to capture email addresses, which is essential to eventually selling programs and other digital products, which will help you to grow your businesses and income. Here are some professionals that show how to create a website that converts.

32 Mondays not only has a nice, clean design, she also has a popup on the website that encourages you to sign up for her mailing list. The key thing to notice is that she’s not just asking for people to sign up for a newsletter; she’s giving away a valuable Ebook for those who want to lose weight (her target market). While many people don't like popups, there's no denying that popups convert.


Wellness methods is another website that uses great images and a freebie to convert readers into subscribers (and eventually, buyers). Not only is the design clean and beautiful, there’s an enticing quiz to get people to sign up for the mailing list. You complete the quiz, and then enter your email address to receive your results. There’s more than just the quiz to draw people in, too.

Another great example of something that converts is a picture of a person looking at the incentive on the site. In this case, she’s looking towards the area where you would take the quiz. This tends to draw the reader’s eyes towards it, and makes it more likely they’ll sign up for your freebie. All this signing up and growing your email list is great, but then what?


If you’re hoping to sell online services (which should be on your to-do list if you want to grow your income), you’ll need to set up a sales funnel. The Naughty Nutritionists have done a great job of creating a sales funnel and of using everything at their disposal to get leads, both on their website as well as their Meal Garden page. On their Meal Garden page, they’ve kept their copy clean and simple, but have emphasized their lead magnet by bolding it and linking it to an attractive landing page for the freebie. Once you sign up for the freebie, there will likely be a sequence leading to an ask for a paid product.

pasted image 0 (1).png

Learning how to create a website for your business is a multi-step process and may take some time, but is completely worth it in the end. As a recap, remember to register for your domain name, purchase a self-hosting plan, and sign up for a content management system. Once those steps are done, it’s time to create great content to get new leads and start making sales.

If creating a website from scratch feels too overwhelming, you can always start with a platform that provides you ways to sell your product or sevice without creating a big website. Meal Garden can help you with this by providing a way to include a bio, services provided, and even allowing you to design and sell your own programs right from the platform. And when you’re ready to create a separate website, your Meal Garden profile can be easily embedded in it. Ready to make some sales?



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