May 29, 2023
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How to end bad days (and a secret to growing your business without burning out)

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Positivity kills negativity - let’s keep re-writing how we process bad vibes

This is one of those posts/podcasts that you want to bookmark or download and print out.

It’s a conversation between Kiki and Business Coach/Podcaster Marta Samson, and the energy is contagious.

They are talking about energy, and the things we can do with our energy to prioritize tasks, focus on the essential things and, transform negative energy into something more powerful and helpful.

If you’re not familiar with the different kinds of energy, they are:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional and,
  • Spiritual

They work in concert with each other to determine how you’re going to show up on any given day and how you’re going to respond to your micro and macro environments.

What’s the most important thing to do now that will move your business forward?

Understanding the different types of energy, how to harvest each energy to improve your outcomes, and the kinds of things you can do with your energy to avoid burn out are just a few of the topics that Kiki and Marta cover as they explore ideas like:

  • The differences between Energy and Time (and where you should focus your efforts)
  • The #1 thing that rob’s women of their physical energy and how to stop it from happening to you
  • Bursts vs. Marathons and which working style is best for you
  • How emotional energy manifests itself and harnesses your feelings to guide you towards things that make you happy!
  • The real secret to working through negative energy (My personal favorite of this cast)

Dealing with Negative Energy

More than ever, this is a struggle many people have, and the ideas Kiki and Marta talk about will be valuable to you as an individual and as a coach and counselor to your clients, patients, and audiences at large.

When you’re angry or frustrated, STOP AND THINK: What’s making me feel this way? By releasing the emotion, you can focus on the positive, and the best way to kill negativity is with positivity.

The conversation settles on this idea for quite some time, and I encourage you to listen along as Kiki and Marta talk through negativity: the ways it can sabotage you, the fact that it’s natural and a part of life, and most importantly, the different strategies they’ve seen work to transform negative into positive energy.

About Marta Samson

Screen Shot 2021-04-03 at 1.35.17 PM.png

Marta is a bi-lingual business coach and has most recently been focusing her energy on helping health professionals get their podcasts off the ground.

In addition to business coaching, Marta host’s a wildly popular podcast herself called ‘Thrivepreneur’ where she explores a variety of topics, including:

She also offers free training and strategy sessions for anyone who’s considering adding a podcast to their marketing and communications strategies, so if that sounds like you, click here to book your call with Marta!

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More conversations with Kiki

If you like hearing how successful coaches and practitioners are navigating today’s realities and learning the ins and outs of digital practices, check out these other episodes of Making it Real:

Until next time,

Happy selling!


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