May 29, 2023
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How to Sell Meal Plans in Your Wellness Business

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How to sell Meal Plans: one of our awesome Meal Garden professionals shows you his step-by-step process.

Please note that this post contains affiliate links. This means that if you follow one of these links and choose to purchase a product, Thomas will make a small commission. Rest assured that Thomas only suggests products that he uses and trusts.

Have you been thinking about selling Meal Plans as one of your offerings in your wellness business? For many wellness professionals, the question of how to sell meal plans is at the forefront of their minds: after all, if clients want to achieve a healthier lifestyle, what they eat will play a large part in their results.

If your client’s goal is weight loss, changing food habits is super important. Like some personal trainers say, “abs are made in the kitchen.” If the goal is general overall health, eating habits are also very important. And if the goal is to avoid foods that don’t make you feel good, then meal planning will be your clients’ best friend.


Changing food habits is not about signing up for the latest fad diet, or following a strict eating plan. Changing food habits and making these new habits stick will require finding a way to eat that will satisfy you and not force you to give up foods you love. Thomas Wong, one of our Meal Garden professionals, knows this well.

As a child, Thomas was overweight and unhappy. Even though he was able to lose weight, the weight loss didn’t change his overall mood. It wasn’t until he was able to truly embrace lifestyle change while still eating the foods he loves that he found himself feeling healthier and happier.

Now, as a Certified Nutrition Practitioner and meal planning professional, Thomas is helping clients of all stripes to achieve the same level of fulfillment he has found in treating food as nourishment and joy, rather than seeing it as the enemy. Thomas has seen great success using Facebook groups, Facebook ads, sales funnels, and Meal Garden together to help his clients and make a living while doing it. Here’s how to sell meal plans in your wellness business, according to Thomas’ experience.


Before we show you Thomas’ step-by-step process for how to sell meal plans, it’s important to remember that you should check with the laws in your state or province, as well as your certifying body, prior to providing nutrition advice to clients. Each state and province has its own laws, and each certifying body has its own scope of practice documents. It’s the responsibility of the wellness professional to be well informed about the rights and limitations of their profession, and to practice within those boundaries.

For Thomas, sharing meal plans with clients worked wonders: clients have seen great results after trying his 7-Day Energizing Experience, which serves as his lead magnet. But you can have an awesome lead magnet, and still hear crickets. Writing awesome content isn’t enough. You have to know that you’re writing content that your target market wants to see, and then you have to promote it.

Part of Thomas’ success lies in knowing what his audience wanted. Before he started creating any products, he first polled his Facebook group to find out what they were interested in. That poll determined that his audience wanted meal plans and recipes. Unfortunately, with a full time job, creating recipes and meal plans from scratch wasn’t something Thomas had time to do. Enter Meal Garden. The software is inexpensive and allows Thomas to easily pre-package meal plans that he can then sell to his clients.

Thomas was able to extract the Meal Garden’s sample package into a PDF as part of a low-price paid product. Thomas also likes Meal Garden because it has a client portal that allows his clients to  interact with these meal plans and edit them as needed while still being able to meet their daily dietary requirements.


Being able to sell meal plans through Meal Garden requires more than just creating the programs. You need to have a marketing strategy in place. Thomas emphasizes that it takes nurturing through a Facebook group and emails before someone will buy from you. Your presence in Facebook groups is part of your sales funnel process. Thomas also encourages anyone who isn’t a professional writer or content marketer to outsource the marketing strategy, Facebook ads, and landing page for their business.

Want to know more? Here are some more details of Thoma’s strategy for how to sell meal plans.

Use Facebook ads to collect email addresses via a great lead magnet


Whereas Facebook seems to be on a downwards spiral, some wellness professionals like Thomas are still having success with Facebook ads. The secret to Thomas’ Facebook ad converting at an astounding 83 cents per lead? It’s a multi-step process. Here’s what he advises:

  1. Outsource the Facebook ad copy (the writing of it) to a copywriter who’s experienced in writing great social media ads.
  2. Don’t use a stock photo; use a personable one that “doesn’t ‘yell’ business”
  3. Use the Facebook ad to lead to an opt-in page that converts. Thomas’ landing page is now converting at 50%!
  4. Do lots of testing and allow Facebook to learn your ads for a week. If an ad set converts 50 times in a week, stick with it; if it doesn’t, move on.

Remember that setting up a Facebook ad is just one step of a multi-layered process. You'll need to ensure that the ad leads to a converting page that puts the leads through a sales process. Here's what Thomas advises.

Use ClickFunnels in connection with Meal Garden to upsell clients to a low cost program.


Thomas is currently using clickfunnels in conjunction with Meal Garden to move leads from email acquisition to free course to low cost program, to a higher priced program. Here’s how he’s doing it.

  1. Facebook ad leads to a lead magnet opt-in inside ClickFunnels;
  2. When leads opt in, they're immediately brought to a low-cost upsell page. This low cost option consists of materials from Meal Garden that have been collected as a sample package, as well as the “7 Diets for Faster Fat  Loss eBook" that Thomas has created.
  3. The low-cost product is then "up-sold" to the Meal Mastery Membership Program, a paid membership service using Meal Garden which is delivered inside click funnels..

If your goal is to learn how to sell meal plans in your wellness business, remember Thomas’ tips for success: outsource your marketing & related tasks, use a program that saves you time when creating meal plans, and ensure to have a bulletproof sales funnel in place, using marketing software that does the bulk of the work for you. By following this advice, you too, can add some passive income to your business.

Ready to sell your own meal plans? See how Meal Garden can help you automate the process.

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