May 29, 2023
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“Legal stuff doesn't have to be scary;” How to keep your wellness business out of hot water.

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“I find that women in the online world, or in any entrepreneurial space, or nutritionist, especially in the wellness practitioners, they're scared to go to a lawyer,” says Elena Favaro Viana, lawyer extraordinaire for online coaches and entrepreneurs.

“I'm making the law really accessible.”

If you’re a nutritionist who runs a wellness business, you probably know everything about nutrition, from plant-based protein to oligosaccharides… but the “business” side of things can throw a lot of well-preneurs into a loop.

“I'm making the law really accessible,” says Elena, “I really do believe small businesses need to grow with a lawyer [...] you may as well have a good relationship with your lawyer who understands what you’re doing.”


The 3 most important legal steps to protecting your wellness business

While Elena believes all small brands should grow alongside their own lawyer, there are three essential things business owners can do… without a lawyer… to get on the right legal track.

  1. Get a lawyer.
  2. Let the government know about your business.
  3. Make contracts with your clients.

Get a Lawyer


“When you come to me and tell me about your business, I start to look for the loopholes and soft spots in higher operations and see if we can flesh those out in order to give you really a good ground of protection, in order to really understand what your policies are.”

Taking this first step will set the stage for growing your business in a way that will protect you as it changes throughout the years.

“When it comes to the legal stuff, it doesn't have to be scary. Like, I know, it's not sexy, trust me, I know,” Elena laughs.

Let the government know what’s up

If you don’t have your business registered, “you're not being professional about your business.”

In order to practice in your field, you have to have certification or have some schooling under your belt -- it’s the same with a business and registering it with the government.

This will protect your assets and minimize liabilities.

Make sure You have rock-solid contracts.

Why do strong contracts matter?

“You're outlining everything [your clients] need to know about working with you. That can be from the not so exciting stuff like limiting your liability or warranties or anything like that to your payment policies, but to also what you want your client to do.”

Those contracts also allow both parties to see each other as human, and to stay on the “same page”.

“Why not write that down on a piece of paper and have them sign it so that they also understand what it is you're both giving each other in this exchange? Right? So when you're not operating without the legal stuff, you're opening yourself up to so many problems.”

Having a holistic approach to her law business makes law accessible to everyone. Not only is she your friendly neighborhood business lawyer… she’s also a mentor for online coaches and entrepreneurs.

“I do offer free 15 minute consultations. And in those calls, you really just tell me about your business. And, you know, from that I can already understand what you may or may not need, and then kind of go from there.”

For coaching sessions with Elena or more information on her business, check out her website

Get on the same page with your clients.

Meal Garden makes it easier for your clients to follow your health and wellness protocols.

Instead of your clients feeling “in the dark”, offer them recipe collections and programs that coincide with your work together.


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