5 Healthier Taco Recipes For Easy Weeknight Dinners

This week we're taking easy weeknight dinners to a healthier level!

Who doesn't love dinners where everyone gets to pick their preferred meat-to-lettuce ratio? Taco Night is also a great way to get the kids involved in the kitchen - while you focus on cooking the meat, the kids can chop, shred and mix toppings. With easy recipes and a little family effort, dinner will be ready in no time!

5 Healthier, Easier Taco Recipes:

Crockpot Chicken Tacos

One-Pan Taco Casserole

Lettuce wrapped tacos

Lettuce wrapped tacos

How to make tacos healthier and still save time

So what makes for healthy tacos? We took a traditional Beef Taco recipe and compared it to our version of a healthy Lettuce Wrapped Chicken Taco.

The health meter at the bottom is designed to give you an idea of how much of the dish consists of healthy ingredients and cooking methods. The ingredients and cooking methods are rated based on research backed nutritional health risks and benefits. So, the health meter moves closer to "green" as the proportion of healthy ingredients increases relative to unhealthy ingredients.

As you cans see, Beef Tacos has almost twice the calorie content with almost 25% coming from saturated fats. It only takes a few ingredient swaps and cooking method changes to take tacos to a healthier level.

Want to get the nutritional info for your go-to recipe?

Shoot us the recipe (link or write up) in the comments section! The healthiest, easiest recipes will be featured in our next blog!

Which recipes work for you family? Let's share dinner ideas for stress-free family meals.

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