A “Perfect” Diet Isn’t Built in a Day

Ever stuck in the 'Am I being "healthy enough" rut'? One of our Meal Gardeners, Kim, shares her story of ups and downs - and inspires us all to accept a little more balance into our lives...

Hi.  I’m Kim.  I’m a single mom of a tween daughter, and working full-time.  I’m also currently taking an intensive 14 week course in Culinary Nutrition.  It’s a course that combines learning about the fundamentals of nutrition and applying it in the kitchen.  I get to cook what I learn!  While I am absolutely loving the course, it hasn’t come without some challenges.  First and foremost is my daughter.  She pretty much hates everything I make.  In all fairness, this “pickiness” did start well before I began the course and there are a handful of meals that I know she will always eat…until she gets tired of those too then I’m back to the drawing board.

I’ve let this get under my skin though and I take it much more personally sometimes than I should; especially because I’m always so tired and stressed lately.  So what’s a mom to do?  While I’m trying to eat healthier and heal my gut through nutrition (I have Crohn’s disease and I’m avoiding the medications my doctor wants me to take), I’m also trying to set an example for my daughter and help her to unlearn the unhealthy eating habits that she’s learned over the years.  Unfortunately it’s not easy and sometimes, a mom’s just got to turn a blind eye and give in and let her kid eat her favourite foods, knowing full well what it might be doing to her insides! 

Does that mean I’ve stopped trying to teach her healthy habits?  Heck no! In fact, I’m now inspired to take her favourites and find ways to “healthify” them while trying to maintain some of the taste she loves.  For example, last night I picked up some Olivieri pasta and Alfredo sauce for her.

I heated up a tasty homemade turkey, sweet potato shepherd’s pie for myself. 

I don’t mind so much that she’s eating pasta with alfredo sauce, it’s the white refined wheat and the store bought, processed and prepackaged foods that I object to.  So next time she wants one of her favourite meals?  That’s fine, but this mom is going to make it from scratch!  What’s really funny is that while writing this article, I’ve come to realize that I need to take baby steps in moving her towards my new way of eating.  I didn’t get here overnight so why did I think she would?  So instead of expecting drastic changes, I vow to relax and start making simple changes in her diet.  Rome wasn’t built in a day!

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