Comfort Food with a Comforting Health Rating


There’s something about rich, "fatty", aromatic food that can really feed the soul.


Too bad often times you end up feeling pretty gross right after eating it - whether that guilt comes in the emotional or physical variety.


One of my favourite hacks to use Meal Garden for is editing the “comfort food” recipes I have in my cookbook and with enough tweaking - creating meals I can proudly share and still have healthy foodies on my side #CleanEating.


This week, in preparation for our soon-to-launch sharing features, I’m sharing my all-time favourite “comfort” recipes. These are meals I’ve made for myself when I’m feeling a little indulgent - but am not willing to sacrifice the health rating on my calendar. I do work here after all...I feel slightly inclined to be a nutritious role model (if not for myself...for my fellow users!).


Go ahead and plan a Netflix and chill evening with one of these recipes and treat yourself. You won’t have to feel bad about pigging out on these meals…


Go on and get comforted - without the guilt. 


Start scheduling now.


This will get your pulse going...

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