Meal Planning vs. Execution - Which is the Most Important Ingredient for Success?

What’s the secret to always eating well and having food ready on the table for you and your loved ones - without being a slave to the kitchen? Hint: the answer doesn’t necessarily require having an A-type personality.

This past week, I’ve been talking with busy and successful moms - you know, the real “go-getter” kind. Between juggling a full-time job, kids in hockey, hosting meet-ups, and often even pursuing an entrepreneurial venture on the side, these moms have a lot on the go. And that’s an understatement.


Meal planning - vital for the busy Mom!


Yet, they still have to eat - and so do their kids.

After discovering that some of our Meal Garden users claim that they plan their entire week’s worth of meals in about 3 minutes - usually at work, it made sense to me that busy, healthy moms might be interested in our meal planning tool too.

To my surprise, many moms are “too busy” to use a tool that can save them time and effort when it comes to planning meals. I’m not being facetious when I say that. Think about it. We all have to plan to eat - it doesn’t just happen. You can put aside 10 minutes (or like some of our users, about 3 minutes) once a week and get your meals sorted before hand; planning out portions and leftovers, getting your grocery list for 1 efficient shopping trip, all while receiving scientific nutritional guidance and analysis to help out along the way. Or you can stress about it on and off in random increments of time scattered throughout the week.

It's your choice.

Organized and healthy. It’s not rocket science, nor is it time-consuming. You just have to be willing to schedule some time to schedule. Make a commitment to yourself that you’ll section off less than a quarter of an hour a week to plan some meals for you and your family - their health and your sanity is definitely worth it.

Some moms already totally get this - and they’re jumping onboard the opportunity to use Meal Garden to get the way they and their family eat a whole lot more coordinated.

But what’s the most difficult part about it all anyways? One mom I spoke with said it like it is:

“Sometimes planning is the issue. And sometimes execution is.”

A little bit of planning can avoid this!


Specifically, she was looking for ways to get meals figured out and ready on the table - all while going about her busy life during the day...

“I’m wondering if there are ways to use the slow cooker to create healthy meals, that cook while I'm not in the kitchen. The easier it is, the better, while also being nutritionally sound.”

I figure this isn’t a far cry from what most moms are searching for.

Well, I have some answers!

Presented below is a fine-tuned curated collection of easy, slow-cooker recipes you can add to your cookbook and schedule for the week ahead. You're invited to sit down with your family to some meals that were so easy to execute - you’ll forget it was ALL YOU who did it in the first place...with a little assistance from Meal Garden ;)

Thought I'd throw the apple butter on there just in case you fancy pairing it with a bit of yogurt as a simple and healthy treat for afterwards.

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