What To Do When You Have A Fridge Full of Empty Ideas

We’ve all been there - bought 1 (or 4) too many avocados because they were on sale at the supermarket. Only to end up facing the reality that after sitting aimlessly on your counter for the past week - they’re about to brown.


Such hope and high expectations you had for these superfood gems, and now it all seems lost...

What if you had a tool that could help you make sure this NEVER happens? And what if that SAME tool could even help dig you out of this deep dark wasteful hole - should you somehow find yourself in it again?


You guessed it: Meal Garden is your way out of this wasteful and boring spiral!


Simply whip out your phone, go to your cookbook, and use our incredibly-user-friendly database to search on whichever ingredient (or multiple ingredients) that you’re in the need of using up. What follows will be recipe inspiration GALORE - and it’s inspiration that you can actually act on….IMMEDIATELY.


Want to learn more? Here’s the play-by-play for you:


“I have so many avocados….WHAT DO I DO?!”


*Sign into Meal Garden (on your phone, tablet, desktop - whatever!) and go to your cookbook - search “avocado”.*



“But I’m useless in the kitchen.”


*Filter search results by “Simplicity”.*



“But I have no time.”


*Select ready in ‘15 mins’ (or less!).*



And while we’re on the topic...Meal Garden also helps remind you that avocado can = DESSERT:


Seriously, what would you do without us?


Now, you can go ahead and schedule the recipe and get the corresponding grocery list...or HEY - you just so happen to have everything you need already!


And THAT my friend, is exactly the point ;)


P.S. this isn’t just for when you went avo-crazy at the grocery store - use Meal Garden to hunt for recipes that will use up ingredients that are aimlessly wasting away in your pantry or fridge.

Your cookbook, alongside our database, is here to save the day...


By the way, if you're still confused (I get it, this is revolutionary life-changing stuff!) - we made a video to help you out! Watch it here.

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