Help, My Daughter’s Gone Vegetarian!

Perhaps you’ve recently been hit with a surprise: “Mom, I’m going vegetarian!”, or maybe in your household you’ve always liked to keep meals veggie-friendly. Regardless, while a plant-based diet can certainly be beneficial to your health, there are still some things to consider in order to make a vegetarian lifestyle (for yourself or your little ones) as nutritious as possible.


Luckily, Karen Gilman from nutrilicious is here to help. Karen is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (TM) and mom to two teenage (yikes!) girls, one vegetarian, one not. She realized there was a need to support and guide moms through the process of their children becoming (or already being) vegetarian, and decided to lend her expertise.

Karen came across our tool and liked what she saw - as a mom who loves cooking healthy meals from scratch her my family. Although she admits “sometimes they eat them, sometimes they don’t”.


So the question remains - what the heck do you feed your vegetarian daughter?! Here’s what the expert had to say...


A good day starts with oatmeal which provides a good dose of protein and iron which is sometimes difficult for those on a plant-based diet. Add hemp or pumpkin seeds to up the iron content even more.
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For lunch, quinoa and black beans are a good combination. Top with avocado slices to add some good fat.
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What kid doesn't love pasta? Here is a good option with pesto and rapini. If your kids don't like rapini, spinach will also work well.
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Vegetarian meals often require a little more time to plan and sometimes prepare. Meal Garden makes that process as efficient as possible - with lots of vegetarian and vegan recipes already in our system, you’ve got lots to choose from. Furthermore, tracking the nutritional content of your meals - arguably even more important when you’re following a more restricted diet - is also easy:



"Meal Garden provides a tremendous tool by allowing you to track some key nutrient information by meal. This can help take some of the worry out of meal planning, now you just have to make sure they’ll eat them!"
  • Karen Gilman, Registered Holistic Nutritionist (TM) and founder of nutrilicious  


For those of you who are looking for more tips and guidance around the topic of vegetarian living - particularly in regards to how to make it as healthy as possible for your kids, check out Karen’s website, nutrilicious and get your FREE copy of her e-book Raising Vegetarian Girls! Join her Facebook community for on-going support


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