Who Needs Friends When You Can Have Meal Pals?!

Meal Garden users love the tool for the simplicity and efficiency it brings to their life, with nutritional guidance and automatic grocery lists created for their custom meal plans. With that said, we’re social creatures - and a little inspiration can go a long way!


After hearing time and time again from our fellow Meal Gardeners that they value the tool for the abundance of healthy recipe ideas, and meanwhile watching them share and recommend recipes on our open Facebook group - Meal Planning Made Easy! - we knew we could offer them even more.


Alas, sharing functionality was born!


Now you can get full access to your friends’ cookbooks and see all of their go-to recipes - chances are if you have similar lifestyles...you’ll get some fairly useful ideas to go ahead and add to your own cookbook (& get scheduling). After all, birds of a feather flock together!


But wait! There’s still one more little thing I forgot to mention...and it’s the name of this awesome feature.


“Friends” is so Facebook. So boring.


That’s why we turned to our Facebook group to get our creative community’s insight on what we should call Meal Garden “friends”. Some of the ideas we brainstormed included:

  • Fellow Gardeners
  • Fellow Foodies
  • Gardening Pals
  • Foodie Pals
  • Meal Buddies
  • Cooking Gurus
  • Recipe Wizards
  • Food Lovers
  • Meal Masterminds


The clear winner...though...was from someone who was new to our tool, who came up with the suggestion: “Meal Pals”. Needless to say, we all loved it!


So what are you waiting for? Invite someone you know to Meal Garden, and share your cookbook to help (or impress) your friends...or rather - Meal Pals ;)


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