Meal Planning for WayHome

Summer is here and that means it’s officially music festival season! Now we all know how easy it is to turn to food trucks and ice cream during these sorts of events. Healthy foodies fear not - eating nutritiously throughout all that sweaty musical glory is actually easier than you think if you use a tool like Meal Garden.

Even if you’re camping - like at the upcoming WayHome Music & Arts festival in Oro-Medonte - a bit of strategic meal and snack planning is all it takes to ensure you still eat healthily. How else are you going to stay energized throughout performances by artists like Keys N Krates and Major Lazor?! If you want to bring your A-game, that means bringing along hearty food that won’t spoil (like your hair and glitter make-up will)...

I’ve already got my WayHome meal plan for July 21st-24th all done (grocery list and all!) on Meal Garden. If you think staying healthy while on a music festival camping trip is impossible - think again.


1. Pack snacks that won’t spoil. That means avoiding ingredients like dairy, eggs, or anything else that needs to be refrigerated to stay fresh. Texture is also key. Nothing is worse than overly soft and gooey banana bread that's been mushed up and has gone soggy in your do yourself a favour and bring snacks that are as sturdy and hard as The Killers.

These Grain-Free Quinoa Protein bars work well:

The original recipe called for an egg, but I replaced it with a “flax egg” (i.e. 1 tbsp ground flaxseed mixed with 3 tbsp water) to keep things vegan and minimize the danger of having the bars turn rancid in the heat. Note that if you choose to add a scoop of protein (might come in handy as you’re busting out to A Tribe Called Red), a vegan protein might be a better choice (e.g. brown rice, pea, or hemp seed protein) versus Whey - which again should be kept out of the heat if possible.

Other great on-the-go snacks for when you’re frantically scurrying between shows are kale chips, like these All Dressed Kale Chips from Oh She Glows:

Some of your friends might think you’re a bit of a prude as they pull out their package of “regular” chips - and you steal the show with these green beauties. Don’t worry though, once they get a taste of them (if you’re willing to share) they’ll soon realize they need to take a page out of your book.

Lastly, these baked Chickpeas are basically impossible to ruin - put them in a plastic bag, stick them in your pocket, and they’ll stay edible and delicious all 4-day weekend long!

2. Breakfast each morning can be easily taken care of. The answer? Granola. In big mason jars, because they’re kinda practical but very hip, and you’re at a music festival after all. This Superfood Granola recipe will be sure to get your day off to the right’s so good it'll even suffice mixed with water. Yes - I went there. Alternatively, I’d recommend packing along a few single-serving dairy-free milk boxes like almond or soy - just make sure you buy the non-perishable kind (i.e. not from the refrigerated section of the grocery store!). Stocking up on some cheap and filling bananas which you can add to the mix in the morning will also take this already delicious meal up a notch!

Figure you’ll be too partied-out to open a milk carton and cut up a banana each morning? Fair. Make these 3-Ingredient Almond Butter Granola Bars ahead of time and literally all you’ll have to eat them.

3. Packing lunch and dinner is POSSIBLE! And dare I say it...these meals can even be HEALTHY - not kidding. You might think salads are a “no-no” because they need to be kept cold...but how about opting for grain-based salads that will actually maintain their freshness without refrigeration! This Curry Quinoa Salad can indeed be enjoyed at room temperature…

Similarly, this Quinoa Bean Salad recipe calls for quickly frying up the ingredients in a saucepan, but you could skip this step entirely and mix together the ingredients at the last minute. Or feel free to follow the recipe instructions as written and just portion out servings into containers - they’ll last over the weekend as long as they’re kept out of direct sunlight (leave them in the shade in your campsite!).

4. Lastly: GET YOUR GREENS IN! Yeah sure, freshly washed and chopped cucumber and broccoli might not be convenient (although there’s no reason you can’t take some for the road trip there) - but how about muffins?! You heard right. Spring dinner muffins. They are green. Enough said.

And there you have it. While you may end up losing a piece of your dignity at WayHome this year (let’s be real, you’re going to smell...bad) - as long as Meal Garden’s around, there’s no reason to say goodbye to your health!

Inspired to create your own meal plan? Get started here.

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