Hack Your Way to an Overflowing Cookbook That Will Have Pinterest Jealous: In 10 Minutes or Less!

I have two things to ask you:

1. Where do you find all of your recipes?

  • Blogs?
  • Cookbooks?
  • Magazines?
  • Pinterest?
  • Google?
  • Facebook?
  • Written in a notebook (or napkin) somewhere…?

2. Where do you store and organize all of your recipes?

  • Bookmarks tab/manager?
  • Word document?
  • Email?
  • Books/journals?
  • Print-outs that get posted on the fridge or put in a drawer somewhere?

Regardless of your response to either of the above questions, the idea of COMPLETELY changing the way you do things now (even it’s not really working) is probably a bit overwhelming.

But you know what, I’m going to ask you to think about how you find and store recipes in a TOTALLY new way - and you’re going to love it.

Yes, you’ll have to learn a new tool.

No, you won’t have to spend more than 10 minutes on the ENTIRE PROJECT.

Basically, I’m going to show you how you can finally achieve your ULTIMATE DREAM COOKBOOK - whether that be a collection of recipes you already hold with a few additions, or a full new set of ideas - and you can have this accomplished within 10 minutes.

Before I waste anymore time - let’s get straight into it.

The process is a three-fold:


Click the lightbulb icon from your Cookbook page and select ‘Recipe Collections’ under Explore. Simply ‘follow’ any of the ones that take your fancy - from that moment forward, they’ll be prioritized in your search and you’ll automatically have easy access. DONE.


Sure, you can struggle and mess around with other meal planning “importation” tools...but in case you don’t have a PhD in Computer Science, how about using email instead? It’s as easy as going to your email account and sending whatever recipes you’d like added to your Cookbook to recipes@mealgarden.com. It’s like emailing a friend, but better - we do things for you and will always respond. DONE.


*note you can email links, pictures, or recipes in whichever other format you choose*


Let’s be real, some people are just made for this stuff. We all have that healthy, inspirational friend who thrives on gathering amazingly nutritious and delicious meals we are jealous of. Invite them to be your Meal Pal on Meal Garden, and get instant access to their Cookbook. DONE.

Now, dare I say: who needs Pinterest?!

Okay, to be fair, you can totally still use Pinterest...just email in your pins to recipes@mealgarden.com - and we’ll upload them to your Cookbook for you!

Now remember: your Meal Garden Cookbook isn’t just a resource for aimlessly browsing and scrolling. No, it’s your toolbox for meal plan creation. Schedule your meals, get full nutritional analysis - every step of the way.

Being an informed and organized recipe hoarder just got remarkably easy ;)

Start building your Cookbook now - it only takes a few minutes and you’re DONE!

Achieve your GOAL Weight Once and For All - The Meal Garden Strategy Works.

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