From Blogger to Holistic Food Entrepreneur...

From Blogger to Holistic Food Entrepreneur...

Are you a foodie blogger looking to expand your horizons, but your path to fame and success unclear?

You may very likely be inspired by one of our fellow Meal Garden users - turned both Meal Garden, as well as with her very own business. Angela Argentina is a talented entrepreneur, and wears many different hats, from graphic designer, to yoga teacher, to Reiki Master, to retreat host, to meditation teacher - any many more!


With that said, her passion for healthy recipes and inspiring others to join her adventures in food forever fuelled her personal mandate. While the path to Kindred Kitchens - Angela's self-run community dedicated to helping others create a holistic, happy and healthy lifestyle - was not always clear or easy, she has never lost sight of her end goal of sharing her love of a "holistic foodie" lifestyle.

We're excited to have Angela as one of our very first Meal Garden Professional users, after over a year of using the tool as a regular user herself.  

It will be interesting to see where her entrepreneurial and enthusiastic mindset takes advantage of it...


"I have been using Meal Garden for over a year now and it's great for meeting particular dietary requests of my clients.

Copy of interior design.png

I also find it a great platform to store and record my recipes, and it's also wonderful for inspiration.

The Holistic Hub, curated by Kiki, offers a variety of meal plans and information showcasing different themes and food trends; meal garden really makes the whole 'meal planning' process look quite easy.

As I'm producing more recipes and growing my food business, Kindred Kitchens, I am particularly interested in using the meal planning feature as many people ask me for ready-made templates and plans.

There is a library of tutorials and a live chat option, so when I get to planning meals for clients in the new year, I'm confident it will be a breeze."


"I recommend Meal Garden for any food blogger or foodie interested in making healthier choices easy, and who want some creative inspiration to feed their needs."

- Angela Argentina of Kindred Kitchens

Thanks Angela for your continued involvement in our growing community!

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