Why Valentine's Day Sucks + The Toolkit for REAL Romance

Why Valentine's Day Sucks + The Toolkit for REAL Romance

Valentine's Day can be less than appealing for a whole bunch of reasons...

  • The Restaurant Experience

    • It's February. It's Cold. Going out is just not pleasant.

    • You have to make reservations way in advance (whoopsies!)

    • There's a pre-set menu (i.e. you CAN'T choose what you ACTUALLY want).

    • It's over-priced.

    • Are the meals healthy? Probably not - who knows? Not you.


  • The Planning & Expectations

    • Figuring out WHAT to prepare and HOW to do it = time & energy (work) you could be spending elsewhere...

Now let's talk about the "classic V-day meal" - that will likely have you feeling weighed down and STUFFED, rather than romantic and airy...

I researched the "top valentines day recipes" and here are the winners:

  • To start, a warm and hearty French Onion Soup - French bread, butter, and a salty, cheesy, chicken broth.

  • The main feature? A creamy mushroom and shrimp pasta, complete with full cream and 2 different types of cheeses!

  • And V-day wouldn't be complete without dessert! This year, a cappuccino-infused cheesecake is what's trending (complete with coffee liqueur, of course)

What could possibly be wrong with the above? You tell me - click the health rating on each "classic" meal below...


Hint: A RED leaf is NOT healthy.

The answer to your prayers? Or at least the solution to making V-Day a little less heart-attack-inducing and a little more heart-warming?

One of our very own Meal Garden users, Amanda, sets the scene perfectly...

"Since my boyfriend and I are living away from our friends and family this Valentine's Day, and don't have a sitter to go out, we're going to stay home and relax as a family - saving money and making healthier choices. Thanks to Meal Garden, we know the ingredients going into our food so we can feel confident that it's good for us and the baby."

It's as simple as staying in and treating yourself to a scrumptious meal that will have you feeling satisfied, proud, and happy from the inside of your belly (& looking great too)! 

We have done all the leg work to make sure your stay-at-home Valentines is a HUGE SUCCESS. 

Everything from sensual meals featuring known aphrodisiacs to delicious desserts that are waistline friendly.  We've even polled some of our favourite wine experts to provide recommendations for the meals to make this as close to a 4 star rating as you need to be.

To top it off, we've pulled together a Spotify play list, making it 'touch button' easy to set the stage for a romantic evening with your special someone. 

Get it all as part of the latest addition to the Healthy Eating Bundle here.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


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