There’s Not Just Valentine’s Day to Look Forward to This Month…

Before we go getting excited about the Valentine’s Day treats that are headed our way soon, let’s take a moment to talk about the other events February has to offer. Apart from being a time where we look forward to planning a special day to cherish our loved ones, in the health community February is also Heart Awareness Month!

Heart disease is the leading killer of men and women in both Canada and the United States. The good news is that 80 percent of heart disease is preventable by leading a healthy lifestyle which includes eating a healthy diet, being physically active, being smoke-free, limiting alcohol, maintaining a healthy weight, and reducing stress. This month, take a moment to find opportunities for improvement in these areas to keep you on track! Try new recipes, try that new workout you’ve been wanting to forever, stay in and watch a movie with your loved ones instead of going out to the bar, read a book – take this time to focus on YOU and what YOUR goals are.

In honour of Heart Awareness month we’d like to share some cooking tips that promote good heart health by cutting calories, saturated fats and cholesterol:  

Many of us welcome the New Year wanting to achieve a certain health goal by the end of it. Let Heart Awareness Month remind you that whatever your goals are, small changes do make a difference to your overall health and staying on track is the key to preventing serious health concerns, like heart disease. This month and this Valentine’s day, give the gift of heart health to yourself and to those around you!

                      Try a heart-healthy recipe like this one in honour of Heart Awareness Month! 

                     Try a heart-healthy recipe like this one in honour of Heart Awareness Month! 



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