Meal Planning Tips from Nature’s Emporium

Meal planning is your biggest key to success because if you neglect your meal plan, your whole week ends up being rushed and you can end up resorting to something that’s easier for dinner, instead of something you could have prepared for ahead of time.
— Nicole, In-House Nutritionist at Nature's Emporium

We spent some time at Nature’s Emporium last week discussing meal planning with their In-House Nutritionist, Nicole, and she shared some of her favourite strategies for success.

One of her pro-tips was to find a day that work’s best with your schedule - like on a Sunday before your week starts, to plan your meals for the week ahead. In the morning, you can sit down and schedule recipes to your week in Meal Garden. Then in the afternoon, you can use your Meal Garden grocery list to go shopping! Another great feature that will elevate your meal planning is the “Add note” feature in the scheduler.

Meal planning in action

Maybe you want to remind yourself to soak some legumes overnight – make a note of it the day before to keep you on track!

Set yourself reminders for the day before

Some other quick tips for meal planning glory include:

-       Batch cook roasted vegetables

-       Batch cook rice and quinoa at the beginning of the week and grab throughout the week           as needed

-       Have pre-cut fruits and vegetables in the fridge so you’ll always a healthy snack at the             ready

-       Make extra portions of soups and stews and freeze them for future if you need a quick             meal

One of Nicole’s favourite quick-fix meals are one-pot or one-pan meals. They are quick and easy to make and involve very little clean-up! 

Instant Pot Frozen Chicken Breast & Sauce

Easy Burrito Bowls

Easy Burrito Bowls

If you want to see more of our visit with Nicole, check out our video:

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