Meet Kim: Supermom (with a bit of Expert assistance...)

Meet Kim: Supermom (with a bit of Expert assistance...)

When Kim's daughter was born with medical needs, her priority immediately became doing everything in her power to make sure she provides her with the best care possible. Of course, a vital element of this was nutrition, as ensuring her daughter was getting the nutrients she needed to thrive while also dealing with food allergies and intolerances was essential.

Connecting with the Meal Expert Community

Throughout her quest to find the very best in resources and support for herself and her daughter, Kim connected with Certified Nutritionist Danielle Binns through an organization called Feeding Matters. Ever since, Kim followed Danielle on various social media platforms and eventually started working with her on a more direct basis - through nutritional consulting for her daughter, and taking part in a few different online programs and courses that Danielle runs through her business. 

Many of these programs focus specifically on, well - food! Preparing healthy meals for your toddler - whether they are picky-eaters or are dealing with complex medical needs such as Kim's daughter - is Danielle's bread and butter (gluten-free and dairy-free, of course!). Kim found Danielle's guidance - in particular her recipes and meal plans - very helpful in learning how to feed her daughter while also managing her food intolerances.

That's when Meal Garden came into play. Danielle hosts her programs right inside the Meal Garden digital meal planning tool in order to make it super simple for her moms to incorporate her specially designed recipes and meal plans into their lifestyle. Why share just PDFs of recipes and meal plans when you can instead provide an interactive and digital tool to empower moms to do it themselves?! Danielle understands the importance of meal planning, so she's been actively recruiting moms to join her in Meal Garden for well over a year now. 

After dabbling in the recipes and meal plans on Meal Garden for a few months, Kim knew she was on to something great, so she decided to sign up for an account of her own. That's when things went from good to great.

"Having my online cookbook, comprised of all of my hand-selected recipes (from Danielle Binns and other experts I trust) is a total life-saver for me - especially when I'm in a pinch. I could always just Google recipes, but having this specially curated database of meals that are right for my daughter and myself is second-to-none." - Kim

Like-minded people sharing only the best of meals

While Kim openly admits that she hardly ever uses the scheduling or grocery list functionality in the tool - it's the recipes that provide all the value she needs. It's a source for whole-food based recipes by nutrition experts she trusts, and she loves how it's all there - easy to access in the moment. Being apart of a community with a common mindset and philosophy around recipes has totally replaced the desire or need to search for recipe ideas outside of Meal Garden - it's just wouldn't make sense!

Committed to maintaining healthy success

It's been about six months since Kim first signed up for Meal Garden, and hasn't looked back since. To no surprise, her main driving motivation is indeed her daughter's needs. Meal Garden is a vital tool in her toolbox for keeping her daughter healthy and strong. Specifically, she's looking for dairy-free recipes with toddler-friendly texture, taste, and that also offer high nutritional content. Kim mentioned the Banana and Chia Pancakes as one of her all-time favourite breakfasts - for both her daughter as well as herself!

Click for recipe.

Click for recipe.

A fast-paced tool for a fast-paced lifestyle

At the end of the day, Kim has other things to occupy her time, so quickly finding and choosing healthy meals that are right for her family is what she's most thankful for.

"Thanks to Meal Garden, I've experienced a major reduction in stress about food and diet for my daughter, and I can focus on other things. I'm often 'in-a-pinch', and I'm grateful to lean on Meal Garden in those time-pressed moments!".

Congratulations again to Kim's success with our tool, and a big thank you to Meal Expert Danielle Binns for being such a valuable member of our community.

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