Meal Plan Made Easy Series

Everyone has a million priorities and responsibilities to attend to every single day. We all live busy lives that pull our attention towards and we give our time to. Eating healthy at every meal can seem like a daunting task to manage or even to think about when we have twenty things flying through our minds at any given time.

The idea of making ALL your food for the week can seem terrifying IF you don’t have a plan or an idea of where to start. Which is where this meal planning series steps in. This series was birthed out of the necessity to fulfill answers to meal planning and demystify any preconceived notions.

Welcome to part one of the Meal Planning series by Angy Xi, for Meal Garden.

I am a Holistic Nutritionist and a Personal Trainer. In my business, I work with many clients from all walks of life.

There are busy moms or dads, taking care of an entire family of one, two, or five people. There are busy office workers in the corporate world, bound to the office and unable to have much freedom of choice in their food. There are students of all ages. There are older clients and younger clients, clients who are skilled in the kitchen and those that may need extra care and direction. There are clients with a blend of all the above.

The only thing that everyone has in common is that they need to eat. Everyone needs to eat. And in the pursuit of a happy and healthy life, we want to eat healthily and nourish our bodies with the fuel we feed ourselves.

That’s where we come in. Meal planning can be daunting, but not if you know how to tackle it and even easier when you can use Meal Garden to do the planning for you.

Planning and preparing your meals ahead of time will save you time and energy down the week. I mean, when was the last time you wanted to have a healthy and delicious meal but just could not muster up the energy to cook? I know that’s happened to me before.

In this series, we will breakdown meal planning to a simple and easy-to-digest approach that allows for flexibility and freedom of food choices, AS WELL as making your life that much easier.

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