A Culinary Nutritional Practitioner Speaks The Cold Hard Truth: My Job is the "HOW", You Need to Figure out "WHY"

Content originally published by Kristine Peacock on the Meals That Matter blog.

One of the questions I'm constantly asked about from friends, followers, clients and colleagues is,

"What is your secret to preparing healthy meals the whole family will enjoy?"

Like you, I'm not interested in preparing and cooking 5 meals for each member of my family - and I'm certainly not an advocate of anyone else doing that either! But the reality is, kids are notoriously picky-eaters, there are food allergies and dietary restrictions to deal with, and there never seems to be enough hours in a day! No wonder it seems easier for many of us to throw frozen chicken fingers and fries in the oven for dinner and tuck packaged snacks into our purses and lunch boxes!

And moreover, the nutrition bandwagon is introducing and marketing new ways of eating all the time! Keto, Paleo, Vegan, LCHF, Vegetarian, Plant-based, Gluten-Dairy-Sugar-Grain Free, Intermittent Fasting (IF), Non-GMO, Organic... Reading ingredient labels and sourcing ethical & sustainable food sources is a feat unto itself!

Despite all these obstacles, I've made the decision to put nutrition at the top of my health priority list. And it's not always easy. Ironically being healthy is subject to criticism! Backlash from kids, sabotage from family members (it's a grandparents job to spoil the grandkids after all!), being the odd one out at parties that revolve around pizza, chips and pop... and navigating restaurant menus - just to name a few!

And I'm a professional! This is what I do!

So when clients come to me for solutions to their diet, nutrition and health challenges, it's my job to provide clarity, simplicity and education to support their goals, limitations and barriers too. I've made YOUR nutrition my priority too!

That's a lot on my plate! (Pun intended!!)

In order to help you get your nutrition on track, there are a few things we need to figure out together:

  • Culinary Skills: Do you like to cook?
  • Who are you cooking for?
  • What kind of time can you dedicate to meal prep?
  • Your Daily/Weekly Schedule - work, weekends & activities
  • Food Preferences: What are your likes & dislikes
  • Food Allergies
  • Dietary Restrictions & Limitations
  • Health Conditions
  • Commitment, Time, Energy & Budget

As the professional who is guiding you on this journey, it is important for us to work together, collaboratively, & honestly, with opportunities for feedback, interaction and goal setting.

We need a platform with opportunities for exchanging information, recipes, meal plans, progress (and setbacks) and regular check-ins. Our work together can be virtual, online and from anywhere!

So... What is my secret to preparing healthy meals the whole family will enjoy?

It starts with ME... 

And it needs to start with YOU too!

Once we make nutrition a health priority, the obstacles, limitations and excuses simply become bumps in the road - a detour to the final destination if you will.

our job is to figure out the WHY...
My job is to figure out the HOW
WHY do you need a change? HOW can I help guide you?

I invite you to allow me to figure out the labels, the diet fads and restrictions. You just need to figure out why this change needs to happen now!

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