Small Steps to Becoming a "Superstar" Wellness Professional

Small Steps to Becoming a "Superstar" Wellness Professional

The following is a guest post by Leah Somers of Purely Simple Wellness.


When I first started out I felt completely lost! The internet is inundated with health and wellness professionals. And let’s be honest everyone looks like a superstar on the page. Completely overwhelming.

I took a while considering more education and more (paid) advertisement. When all I really need to do was sit and listen to what I wanted and where I would like to be professionally.

Start small.

Waking every morning and creating one small message to my Facebook page is a practice that keeps me on track. Whether it be a little inspirational quote, information about certain foods I may be currently interested in, or a quick recipe. It is a way to engage with others and after time a presence is created.

Do something you LOVE.

I love to teach, and I love the journey of healing with foods. I knew I wanted to reach out to the public and teach people how to use foods to heal, but was clueless how to make that happen.

Again, I started small, I was teaching enrichment programs, cooking classes to the children at the local elementary school. Soon I was seeing that I needed some marketing advice to expand.

Connect with likeminded people.

I enrolled in The Wellness Cooking Academy Program and found the support system I needed.

As I became a Certified Wellness Cooking Instructor, I learned how to market and how to create classes and teach children and adults with success. During this program I learned about Meal Garden and jumped right in with both feet!!!

This beautiful tribe of wellness professionals thrive with each other. I can guide classes to check out all the recipes and take advantage of the exhausting work Meal Garden does for you. For example, I will teach a class with one of my recipes I have on my Meal Garden page, then I will encourage the class to utilize the Meal Garden program where they can find my recipes and meal plans and have weekly reminders that create grocery lists for them. It’s a beautiful marriage.

We don’t all have to be “The Superstar” of the industry. It is important to follow our passion and start with one small piece at a time and before we know it we are happy, healthy, and EXPANDING!

Thank you, Meal Garden, for creating a magnificent platform for health and healing.

Visit Leah on Meal Garden

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