Diet Plans by Health Coaches: A Lost Art (and why you need to find it)


Diet Plans by Health Coaches: it's time to revive a dying art

You became a health coach to help people reach their goals. And as a health coach, you know that a properly designed (and followed) diet plan will help your clients reach their health goals much faster. But it's been hard getting clients to stick to the diet plans you give them, so you’ve all but given up on meal planning.


Picture this: you spend two hours crafting a carefully researched nutrition plan for your health coaching client. It considers her food preferences, allergies, and overall health goals, and by the time you’re finished with it, you feel as proud as a school kid on show and tell day.

You give the meal plan to your client, coach her on how to use it, and send her on her merry way. The next week comes, and she hasn’t had time to put the meal plan into practice yet. You understand, and encourage her to start this week. And the next week comes, and she still hasn’t used the plan. And so it continues. You finally give up hope. And meal planning.

Sound familiar?

It’s so hard to put all this work into a carefully designed meal plan for your health coaching clients, only to be met with what seems like a huge rejection. But your clients aren’t rejecting or devaluing your work; they’re just busy. And although you’ve told them they can tweak the diet plan slightly to fit their needs, they’re just not prepared (time-wise, emotion-wise, or knowledge-wise) to take that much control. And unfortunately, you don’t have the time, either.


But that doesn’t mean you should give up on meal planning. Although it’s becoming more and more of a lost art, it’s not the meal planning that’s the problem; it’s the way health coaches go about creating the plans, and how easy they are for your clients to use.

Don't give up on creating diet plans—meal planning does work! And it will help your clients reach their health goals, maintain (or achieve) a healthy weight, and save money to boot!

And once you get comfortable with it, creating meal plans for your clients could even help you make some passive income, too.


So now you know that getting back into the diet plan groove will be awesome for your health coaching business. But a printed out/emailed PDF just won’t do the trick—it’s just not flexible enough. What you need to help your health coaching clients with their meal planning is a customizable solution that they can look at, tweak as needed, and still know that it’ll help them achieve the goals you’ve set together. And guess what? There’s an app for that!

Meal Garden gives you the freedom to set up a meal plan for your clients, but also gives them the freedom to fully customize it for their preferences and more. And the best part? You can communicate with your clients easily to understand exactly where they need help, and simply (and quickly) customize accordingly.

Why not try it free for 7 days and see how your clients like it? We know you’ll have more success than with those inflexible PDF’s!

Do you use meal planning with your health coaching clients? Let us know in the comments!