Are your nutrition programs, recipes, and meal plans “super accessible” to your clients?

Are your nutrition programs, recipes, and meal plans “super accessible” to your clients?

Meet Kristine Peacock, the Culinary Nutrition Expert behind Meals that Matter!

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Kristine helps “modern busy working moms transform their family's health with a meal planning system that simplifies scratch cooking, using whole foods - without making separate meals for picky eaters, in 30 minutes or less!”

What does Kristine feed her family?

Before we dive into her business, when it comes to her family’s dinners, Kristine plans them with daily “mom-hack” themes for busy weeknights. This helps make her planning predictable, allows for variety, and helps to get out of a “dinner-rut, especially with picky eaters!”

What daily meal themes does a Culinary Nutrition Expert use?

  • Meatless Monday,

  • Taco Tuesday,

  • Water Wednesday,

  • Crockpot Thursday,

  • Fend for Yourself Friday (Leftovers),

  • Surprise Saturday, and

  • Slow-Cooker Sunday.

Her personal favourite recipe is her “Take 5 Signature Salad” (HINT: This salad has all five elements in her “Take 5” system of eating - more on that below.)

As a working mom of 3 and an entrepreneur, she sometimes doesn’t feel like cooking at the end of a busy work week. Her favourite “go to” recipe when she has NO time is eggs and whatever veggies are in the pantry, fridge, and freezer - the “Kitchen Sink Scramble”.

Kristine also admits to the rare (1% of the time) glass of wine for dinner on a Friday night or a gluten-free brownie while the kids eat cereal. As she says, “This whole dinner thing isn't about being perfect, it's about being consistent.”

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Kristine’s Culinary Nutrition Business

Before she creates a meal plan for her culinary nutrition clients Kristine needs to know a few things about them. First of all, who cooks and who is the cooking for? Second, how much time and energy do they have to cook? And last, but certainly not least, she needs to know if there are any allergies or dietary limitations. Kristine easily incorporates all of these into the meal plans she creates for them.

As a Culinary Nutrition Expert, Kristine has some very practical tips to help her clients follow her meal plan as easily (and inexpensively) as possible:

  • Pick a protein and buy in bulk,

  • Marinade, season, and batch cook, and

  • Repurpose ingredients by reinventing leftovers

Another hot tip from Kristine: “Prepare and cook MORE than what you think you will need. That way, you can store or freeze leftovers for those busy days, without having to resort to fast food or take out.”

Oh, and about that “Take 5” salad recipe above…. It incorporates Kristine’s signature “Take 5” system of eating that she puts into all her meal plans. The five critical elements are: greens, protein, fibre, fat, and ferment.

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How Meal Garden Helps Kristine

When it comes to running her culinary nutrition business, Kristine needs a place to curate her recipes, and develop collections and meal plans. Before Meal Garden she didn't have a place to do these, nor did she have a way to share these with her clients online.

Meal Garden helped Kristine make her programs, recipes, and meal plans “super accessible” to her clients! She says, “They love the ability to use the recipes online and to print them as hard copies.”

Kristine has also used a number of the “pre-fab” collections and meal plans uploaded in the Meal Garden library which has saved her “a ton of time”! If you’re a mom, entrepreneur, and/or a busy person in general, you can imagine the benefit of saving that much time!

Kristine says, “I don't have to Google recipes anymore, MG [Meal Garden] is my one stop shop!”

In fact, her favourite Meal Garden feature is the Recipe Collections. This is “because it gives clients the opportunity to access healthy meals, then, they can meal plan themselves.”

I asked Kristine what made her decide to start using Meal Garden in the first place. She said, “Honestly, the customer care is second to none! Support, direction, and using my feedback to improve the platform.”

In fact, her advice to fellow Meal Garden users is to “ASK! If you can't find something, have a question, or would like something created, use the FB group! It's such a valuable resource!”

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Like Kristine, you can help your nutrition clients eat better and save yourself a ton of time with Meal Garden’s recipes, collections, and meal plan templates. Stop “googling” recipes and try Meal Garden’s top notch customer care so you can easily share with your clients online.

To visit Kristine, see her Meal Garden profile.

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